Why do you need to disable JavaScript on the Kindle browser?


The Amazon Kindle has been using an experimental browser for over ten years. You can easily surf the internet on almost any model from Kindles, but due to advancements in e-paper, using a model made in the past 4 years will provide the best experience. If you decide to use the browser, something must be done to prevent most web pages from loading endlessly, turn off JavaScript.

Amazon first developed the experimental browser in 2009, with the release of the Kindle, 2nd generation. The web was a very different place, most websites were text-based and so were message boards. Over the years, websites began to contain multimedia elements, and as internet speeds increased, designers adopted better graphics and modern web design principles. Custom code, CSS, JavaScript, and content management systems like WordPress are widely adopted. The experimental Kindle browser has hardly changed for over a decade.

If you decide to use the Experimental Browser to read news websites, tech blogs, or your favorite forum, it’s important to turn off JavaScript. This essentially prevents the loading of a lot of plugins and scripts code and improves the browsing experience. When the browser is open, click on the 3 dots on the side and tap on Browser settings and Disable JavaScript. When that was done, browsing websites like Good e-Reader became much more robust and the scrolling down was very fast. why is this the case?

Most websites have a lot of code, especially those that run content management systems. The more plugins a website has, the more JavaScript is called locally or externally. This can cause long load times on the Kindle browser, and scrolling down refreshes the code and loads again. By disabling JavaScript, performance increased by 70% on all tested websites.

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