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To build a great app or website, you need more than a pretty interface. In many ways, server-side development is much more important.

Why? Because the backend of your app or website is where the magic happens: data storage, algorithms, dynamic content, etc.

The full developer of the Superstar 2021 backend helps you master this area, with 13 courses covering major languages ​​and frameworks. For a limited time, you can take the training for only $ 23.99 with the code VIP40 at Bleeping Computer Deals.

After a banner year for digital platforms, backend developers are in demand. But even if you don’t want to become a full-time programmer, learning these skills is a good idea. To build the next Facebook or Google from scratch, you’ll need some backend knowledge.

This huge training pack provides the perfect launch pad, with over 35 hours of hands-on training. The included courses do not require any prior experience and help you learn real-world skills through fun projects.

You start by building a sleek website with JQuery and HTML5, before diving into PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Java. You also get an introduction to server-side Javascript, as well as training in C # and .NET.

Your instructor is Laurence Svekis, an application developer with over 30 years in the game. His classes have been taken by over 850,000 students and he has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Udemy.

The training is worth $ 2,587 in total, but you can get it today in our VIP sale for just $ 23.99 with the code VIP40.

Prices subject to change.

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