Urban Sweets will open a physical location in the South End.

Urban Sweets will open an ice cream shop on West Boulevard in the South End.

Urban Sweets will open an ice cream shop on West Boulevard in the South End.

Urban sweets

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Urban Sweets ice cream, which will open a new store next month on West Boulevard in the South End.

Owner Kristen Stewart – unrelated to ‘Twilight’ leading lady Kristen Stewart – told CharlotteFive she chose South End because it is growing rapidly. “It’s a very diverse community,” she says. “It’s very dynamic.”

“It just seemed like a great addition and just to help us decide where we want it to be in Charlotte for our first concept,” she said.

The menu

The ice cream flavors are called “flavorites”, which rotate once a month. The basket offers approximately 40 flavors to choose from.

Each flavor is named after things in Charlotte. Some of the basic “flavors” include:

  • Queen City Cream – a rich vanilla flavor.

  • Uptown Choco Brown – a blend of three distinct cocoas: “delicious, yummy and flavorful,” Stewart said.

  • Dilworth Delight – chocolate wafers with rich vanilla ice cream.

What to expect from the physical location

The cart will introduce a new secret flavor called “Construction Crunch”, with crunchy elements. “(It’s) a play on everything that’s going on in Charlotte,” Stewart said. “Because I feel like no matter where you go, there’s construction going on.”

In addition to ice cream, customers can expect the physical location to offer hand-painted chocolates, mini cakes, and ice cream sandwiches.

It takes a village

Family and friends helped Stewart make decisions about his business. “The fun part of this business has been that so many of my friends and family have been extremely instrumental in helping me chart the course of the business,” Stewart said.

A friend of hers suggested that the “flavorites” be named after things in Charlotte. Her sorority sisters from her time at North Carolina A&T have started a crowdfunding campaign that will wrap up later this week.

“I had a lot of support with this company,” Stewart said. “And I’m really grateful for that.”

The future of Urban Sweets

The opening of the site was initially delayed due to the pandemic and a shortage of contractors and subcontractors. The location is scheduled to open August 12, but may be completed later due to delays. In the meantime, Stewart’s cart, “Sweetie,” will continue to pop-up around Charlotte. Here is where you can find it:

  • July 17: Stewart’s cart, “Sweetie,” will be parked outside the nearly completed retail space on National Ice Cream Day. “We’re lucky to have outdoor space,” Stewart said. “So we will be picking up and serving people there rather than in the store.”

  • August 17: During Charlotte Pride Week, Stewart invited local LGBTQ+ celebrity Mia Atkins of WCNC to be a scooper outside the physical location on West Boulevard. Atkins selected the Twirl to the World Foundation, a local LGBTQ+ foundation, to benefit. Cones or cups will be one dollar, and a $15 monthly subscription will be sold to benefit the Twirl to the World Foundation.

“The plan is to support at least one charity per month,” Stewart said. “What I’ve found is that people who buy ice cream are very happy, they tip really well.”

Stewart’s goal as a small business owner is to become self-sufficient and a good partner to the community. “Small businesses face many challenges, especially minority and black-owned businesses, and just having our voices amplified really makes a huge difference,” she said.

Stewart plans to open the store by August 12.

Urban sweets

Location: 222 West Blvd #S114, Charlotte, NC 28203

Neighbourhood: South End

Instagram: @urbansweetsco

Lorenza Medley is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is currently intern at CharlotteFive. When she’s not lost in the aisles of a library, you can find her eating barbecued ribs or exploring her local target.

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