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TypeScript Vaults before Java to crack stack overflow top 5

Over the past few years, Microsoft’s TypeScript programming language has steadily climbed the popularity rankings of Stack Overflow’s massive annual developer survey, this year knocking Java down to the top five.

As of 2019, this top five has been dominated by JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL, Python, and Java, with some juxtaposition in slots 3-5 after cemented #1 and #2 rankings for JavaScript and HTML/CSS.

Since 2018, TypeScript has steadily climbed, this year jumping two places from 7th to 5th place:

2022 – 5
2021 – 7
2020 – 9
2019 – 10
2018 – 12

TypeScript jumped 4.64% (from 30.19% of respondents in 2021 to 34.83% in 2022) to overtake Java (which fell slightly from 33.91% in 2021 to 33.27% in 2022 ). This is by far the biggest leap among the top 20 languages.

Top 20 programming, scripting and markup languages ​​in 2022
[Click on image for larger view.] Top 20 programming, scripting and markup languages ​​in 2022 (source: stack overflow).

“2022 marks JavaScript‘s tenth consecutive year as the most commonly used programming language,” Stack Overflow said. “But, it’s a different picture for those learning to code. HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Python are almost tied together as the most popular languages ​​for people learning to code. People learning to code are more likely than professional developers to report using Python (58 Compared to professional developers, those learning to code are less likely to report using SQL (38% vs. 53%), TypeScript (15% vs. 40%) and Bash/Shell (19% vs. 29%).”

In the “most wanted” category (developers who don’t develop with the language or technology but have expressed an interest in developing with it), TypeScript came in just behind Rust and Python, which tied for first place.

Top 20 most searched programming, scripting and markup languages ​​in 2022
[Click on image for larger view.] Top 10 most searched programming, scripting and markup languages ​​in 2022 (source: stack overflow).

On the “Loved vs. Dreaded” scale, TypeScript was #4 behind Rust, Elixir, and Clojure.

Top 20 Favorite and Dreaded Programming, Scripting and Markup Languages ​​in 2022
[Click on image for larger view.] Top 10 Favorite and Dreaded Programming, Scripting and Markup Languages ​​in 2022 (source: stack overflow).

In the 2020 report, TypeScript was the #2 most loved language (respondents who develop with a language and expressed interest in continuing to develop with it). At the time, Stack Overflow touted Microsoft’s open source adoption as being responsible for the upside. The company said, “The surge in popularity of TypeScript highlights Microsoft’s change in direction and embrace of the open source movement. As front-end web and Node.JS codebases grow in size and complexity, the adoption of TypeScript’s static typing gives developers increased confidence in the correctness of their code. TypeScript’s ability to be adopted incrementally means that developers can dip their toes in, gaining immediate benefits, without having to undertake a risky porting project. As a final sweetener, TypeScript polyfills many ECMAScript changes (like arrow functions, async, and classes) before they are widely available in browsers. We’ve been persuaded of this ourselves, because more and more Stack Overflow JavaScript is actually transpiled from TypeScript.

Tongue slips a bit on the pay scale, however, as it’s bottom of the list (27th) at $70,276 (Clojure is No. 1 at $106,644). Microsoft’s C# language is just below TypeScript at $69,516. The median salary for TypeScript coders in 2021 was $59,172, climbing to $70,276 in the 2022 report.

The SO report is based on a survey conducted from May 11 to June 1 this year of 73,268 software developers from 180 countries around the world. The full methodology can be seen towards the bottom of the report, which is available here.

Coincidentally, the day before the Stack Overflow survey was released, Microsoft announced TypeScript 4.8 beta with new features affecting how intersection and union types work, inference for infer types in model string types, --build, --watch and --incremental performance improvements, and more.

Going forward, Microsoft said, “Over the next few months, we’ll be working primarily on bug fixes, polish, and some language service changes that we think might be less risky. We’ll continue to release nightly builds during this time, which should be fairly stable if you want to run something more up-to-date than the beta.Before our final release, we will have a full release candidate which we will also be looking for feedback on. release dates and plans, you can check out the TypeScript 4.8 Iteration Plan.”

The final general availability release of TypeScript 4.8 is scheduled for August 23rd.

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