Trucking Company So Popular It’s On A Waiting List – Drivers Agree The Wait Is Worth It

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These days, when trucking companies are in high competition for drivers, it’s rare for a trucking company to put drivers on a waiting list, but that’s exactly what the trucking company based in Saint-Louis, Artur Express, and the company’s current drivers say it’s worth the wait!

“I’ve worked for Artur Express for four years,” said company driver Lisa Meeks. “It’s the best company I’ve ever worked for. They treat us like family, they take us home when we want to be home, and we run all the miles we want.

A company built by truckers for truckers

Artur Express was created in 1998. The company has 750 trucks, 3,100 trailers and 900 drivers. The company’s large trailer fleet allows drivers to take advantage of a large percentage of hook-and-hook freight. This allows drivers to keep running, getting the miles they need and reducing detention time.

Artur Express owners Artur Wagrodzki and Tom Tokarczyk grew up in the transportation industry. They know that when drivers aren’t driving, no one makes money. They also know that drivers don’t like to sit around and wait to be loaded or unloaded, so they’ve built a freight and customer base that allows drivers to drive big miles and still get the time they need. .

“I have been a driver for Artur Express for four years. I average 3,400 miles a week and get home whenever I want. They have great lanes, and I like that 85% of Artur Express freight is drop and hook. I rarely have to sit and wait for live loads or unloads. I won’t go anywhere else,” driver Louis Adelman said.

Hire for growth, not to fill seats

Sadie Church, recruitment director at Artur Express, said the company’s recruitment philosophy is different from that of other companies. She says Artur Express is hiring for growth, not just to fill seats. Church says the company wants to hire drivers who are a perfect fit for the business.

“We hire with intent. We are transparent with our potential drivers. We put everything in writing before the drivers attend the orientation. All drivers receive written offer letters with lane and time-at-home expectations and rental drivers see their lease before they even walk through the door,” Church said. “There shouldn’t be any unexpected surprises when a driver shows up for orientation. We want to make sure the driver is a good fit for us, but we also want to make sure we’re the right fit for a driver.

Arthur Express’ hiring practices worked. The company ended 2021 with an incredibly low turnover rate of 38%, compared to the industry-wide turnover rate of 90%.

“Artur Express management is supportive; they encourage the recruiting team to recruit ethically and transparently. This helps to significantly reduce driver turnover,” Church said. “The recruiting team is not in a constant cycle of filling seats. They can spend their time not only talking to drivers about available positions, but also asking drivers questions about their needs. There is no hard sell. If you’re a good, safe driver, we want you here, but we don’t want you coming here if we’re not the right person for you. We don’t want to hire turnover.

Church said the lack of pressure to continue recruiting has allowed his team to seek out the most skilled and safest drivers on the road today.

“We get applications from some of the most qualified drivers in the industry – drivers with 10, 15, 20 years in an accident and violation free business. We have the luxury of being very selective,” Church said.

Rent with a Loadboard

In 2020, Artur Express launched a revolutionary rental program. Under the program, drivers can opt for a percentage or a pay-per-mile. Additionally, there are no fixed weekly fees. Nothing! Drivers only pay for the charged kilometers they drive.

In addition, there is no down payment, no credit check and it is a completely independent lease.

Artur Express rental drivers have access to the company’s dashboard and can choose the loads and lanes they wish to travel.

A trucking company with a waiting list

Artur Express built the company on its slogan: The trucking company. From its drop and hook freight volume, freight lanes that deliver consistent miles and steady revenue, its state-of-the-art driver-focused facility, to its amazingly low driver turnover rate and subsequent driver testimonials and referrals, Artur Express has established itself as a company drivers want to work for.

Artur Express driver Stephen Potts said: “I came to Artur Express after a few of my friends started driving here. They told me how great the company was and how much they earned, so I decided to give it a try. I came to orientation with another of our other friends. I wish I had founded this company 20 years ago. I have been here for 10 months now. I thought I made a lot of money with other companies, but I never – in my entire career – made the money that I made at Artur Express.

Because of this, the company was forced to institute a waiting list for incoming drivers until new trucks arrived. The decision to create a waiting list is unprecedented in trucking, but due to the availability of trucks due to popularity and low turnover, the company was forced to institute the waiting list. waiting.

“Until new trucks arrive, we will only bring in the number of drivers for which we have trucks available,” said Artur Express Vice President Kristi Randall. “We want incoming drivers to have a good wayfinding experience. We want our drivers to be able to choose their trucks. We want them to sit in the trucks they want to drive.

“Once the new trucks arrive, we will resume recruiting as usual – ethically and with intent.” she concludes.

If you would like to join the waiting list, call 1-833-867-1876.

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