Tropical disturbances off the coast of Florida could become the next named storm this weekend – WFTV


ORLANDO, Florida – Channel 9 meteorologists are tracking an area of ​​disturbance that could turn into our next named tropical storm this weekend.

The Great Tropical Disturbance forms off the east coast of Florida and Georgia.

The system is linked to the rear end of a front which contributes to the boom in tropical development.

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Further tropical development is expected for Friday and Saturday.

A disorganized center forms in the Atlantic, on the border of Georgia and Florida. Most of the thunderstorm activity sets east of the development area.

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The National Hurricane Center gives this area a 30-40% chance of development over the next few days.

The path of this system is not clear as there is not a lot of wind to move it in a specific direction.

The system could stay in the Atlantic as it strengthens.

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Some storm models suggest it can move south slowly, but it could also move east or west.

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There could be a developed tropical system off the coast of Florida by Saturday afternoon.

If the system moves east, it could bring drier air to Florida this weekend. But if that system moves west, Florida could see increased thunderstorm activity for the weekend.

Depending on how it develops, this system could collapse, but that won’t be clear until around Monday.

If that turns into a named storm, she’ll be called Fred.

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