Top 10 data science tools to eliminate programming in 2022

by Aratrika Dutta

December 14, 2021

Don’t know how to code? No problem. Discover the best data science tools where you don’t need any programming.

Data science has proven to be a boon for IT and business. Innovation includes acquiring value from information, understanding data and its patterns and then anticipating or producing results from it. The domain has become an advantageous choice for those who want to delete, control and produce experiments from huge volumes of data. There is a monstrous demand for data scientists in all industries, which has attracted many non-computer experts and non-programmers to this field. In addition to having the appropriate qualifications and education, a successful data scientist must master a specific set of tools. This article lists the best data science tools for which you don’t need any programming or coding skills to work with these tools.

Data robot

The data robot is the automated machine learning platform. It can be used by data scientists, executives, software engineers, and IT professionals. Data Robot is an amazing data science tool because it provides easy deployment process, model optimization, allows parallel processing and also has Python SDK and API.


Xplenty is a combination of information, ETL and an ELT stage that can bring all of your information sources together. This is a comprehensive toolkit for building information pipelines. This flexible and versatile cloud stage can coordinate, process and schedule information for a cloud investigation. It gives answers for promotion, offers, customer support and designers.


KNIME for data scientists will help them combine tools and data types. It is an open source platform. It will allow you to use the tools of your choice and expand them with additional capabilities. KNIME is very useful for the repetitive and time consuming aspects and it can work with many data sources and different types of platforms. Experiment and extend to Apache Spark and Big Data.

Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is an open source framework. Simple programming models created using Apache Hadoop can perform distributed processing of large data sets on clusters of computers. It is a scalable platform that can be used to detect and manage failures at the application layer level. In addition, it contains many modules such as Hadoop Common, HDFS, Hadoop Map Reduce, Hadoop Ozone, and Hadoop YARN.


RapidMiner is one of the best data science tools for the full lifecycle of prediction modeling. It has all the functionality of information arrangement, model structure, approval and organization. It gives a graphical interface to interface the predefined blocks.


Trifacta is one of the best data science tools because it provides three products for data processing and preparation. It can be used by individuals, teams and organizations. Trifacta Wrangler will help you explore, transform, clean, and assemble desktop files and Trifacta Wrangler Pro is an advanced self-service platform for data preparation. Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise aims to empower the analyst team.


SPSS is a family of software for the management and analysis of complex statistical data. It includes two main products: SPSS Statistics, a statistical analysis, a data visualization, a reporting tool and SPSS Modeler, a data science and predictive analysis platform with a drag-and-drop user interface and machine learning capabilities.


Alteryx provides a platform for discovering, preparing and analyzing data. It will also help you find deeper insights by deploying and sharing analytics at scale. It provides the functionality to discover data and collaborate across the organization. Alteryx has functionality to prepare and analyze the model, and it is a platform that will allow you to centrally manage users, workflows, data assets, integrate R, Python and Alteryx models into your process.

MS Excel

MS Excel can be used as a tool for data science. It’s an easy-to-use tool for non-technical people. It’s good for analyzing data. As you know, MS Excel has good features for organizing and summarizing data and conditional formatting features and more importantly, it allows you to sort and filter the data.


Keras is a programming interface that makes it easier for data scientists to access and use the TensorFlow machine learning platform. It is an open source deep learning API and framework written in Python that runs on TensorFlow and is now integrated with this platform.

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