Tips to Consider for Ruby On Rails Performance

Ruby on Rails is a development tool that functions as a framework primarily used for web application development. It gives the code an MVC (Model View Controller) architectural structure that makes development easier.

This framework is developed on the Ruby programming language, called Ruby on Rails. This blog will help you understand how to use Ruby on Rails, key points on optimizing Ruby on Rails performance, and a list of companies using Rails.

Key Benefits of Ruby On Rails in Web Development

As we understood from the introduction that Ruby on Rails is the preferred framework for developing web applications, let’s take a look at the main advantages of Ruby on Rails.

  • Security: Ruby on Rails as a framework provides a highly secure development cycle. These security measures are built into the system by default, which is important to consider.
  • Community: Ruby on Rails has a larger active community and can help developers resolve bug issues that may arise during development.
  • Cost-effective: Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework available to everyone, which is the main reason for its cost-effectiveness. Free plugins for web application development offered in Rails save time and money.
  • Flexible: This point is worth considering because Ruby on Rails is compatible with adjusting existing code with new features. Ruby on Rails can be used for long-term development processes due to its stability. Also, if you want to have scalable and rich web applications based on Ruby on Rails, contact us to hire a Ruby on Rails developer for your product.

Key Considerations for Optimizing Ruby On Rails Performance

The framework optimization process becomes mandatory to have high-performance web applications. Therefore, below are the short tips you should consider for Ruby on Rails performance tuning in your existing framework-based product.

  • Server-side Tuning: The server plays a vital role in the development of any web application. Therefore, always choose the right server for your application to meet all your product requirements and maintain good performance.
  • Update Ruby code: Ruby as a programming language is updated every time, so it is necessary to update your Ruby code to get faster performance.
  • Eliminate the N+1 query issue: The N1 query issue is one of the most common issues that decrease the performance of web application development on Ruby on Rails. To eliminate this problem, you must eliminate independent queries in the database. This process will help you improve the performance of Ruby on Rails in your application.

For more detailed information, see the ultimate guide to ruby ​​on rails performance tuning.

Ruby On Rails is the preferred choice for a variety of projects

Ruby on Rails is a highly adaptable framework, making it one of the most popular frameworks for development by various business categories. Various types of businesses choose Ruby on Rails, such as small businesses (Startups), mid-level businesses, and large enterprises. The list below will help you better understand the companies that have used Ruby on Rails in their products.


E-commerce is one of the most popular and booming industries in 2022, and business owners need secure, high-performance web applications. Here is the list of companies that use Rails for their business:

Shopify is a Canada-based e-commerce company that is popular around the world. This platform allows users to sell and buy online products online.

As Shopify has millions of active users daily, they need strong backend support to meet the demands coming from their users. Hence, they started using Ruby on Rails in their web application to achieve consistent backend maintenance.


Ruby on Rails provides full support by providing structured code, stability, and a faster development process. These reasons give a lot of session time to users using web applications built on Ruby on Rails.

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular online streaming platforms that use Ruby on Rails for their apps. According to the survey by Gadget360, Netflix has 222 million subscribers worldwide, making it the number one video streaming platform in the world.

With the help of Ruby on Rails, Netflix received full support for microservices and internal data security in applications.


Ruby on Rails has helped many hospitality businesses scale their businesses with the consistency it brings to web application development.

Airbnb is one of the largest and most popular platforms for accommodation in the world. Airbnb has approximately 150 million users and 5.6 million active listed properties available for lodging.

Initially, Airbnb developed its application in Javascript, PHP and HTML. However, after finding great success, Airbnb switched to Ruby on Rails for faster development and lower costs.


All the key points mentioned above are worth considering. However, ruby ​​on rails optimization varies from application to application. If the performance of your application is perfect, optimization is not mandatory. But if your users face any issues while visiting your product, you should tune your web application for the best performance.

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