This Week in Jobs: Listen to 26 new tech job opportunities

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Would the mere sound of a voice be enough to diagnose a person? The National Institutes of Health thinks.

The organization is funding a large-scale research project to collect voice samples and use the data to create an AI that helps diagnose people simply by the sound of their voice.

While it may seem far-fetched, researchers are finding that everything from tone to vocal cord vibration could prompt doctors to diagnose neurological, respiratory, and even mood disorders.

It shows how a single spark of an idea could open up a whole new line of thought. Will any of today’s job postings pique your interest?

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Can tech companies be eco-responsible? Here’s what the industry leaders are saying.

Between a slowing and growing labor market, there is “labour hoarding”, explains Technically Media CEO Chris Wink in the weekly culture builder column.

This app saves lives motivates drivers to adopt good habits on the road. Startup Philly is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for development.

How can Pennsylvania promote digital equity? At its annual conference, the Technology Learning Collaborative has addressed the issue at the federal, state and local levels.






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