This JavaScript library means you can create animations with HTML checkboxes (or use them to transform symbol and video)


Bryan Braun is a front-end internet developer who two years ago got a second of inspiration when he noticed a “black and white mechanical pixel signal” near his workplace – he determined he could and should do identical thing … but in HTML, the use of checkboxes as pixels:

“After 3 hours, we had a virtual clock that was working […] However, my mind began to spin: one staring eye is okay, but theoretically it’s worth creating the rest that way. Or more ? “.

However, despite the possibility of speculation, Braun admits he was once tricky display as many packaging containers as it should be and constantly in a few browsers the Internet.

“The checkboxes weren’t designed precisely for this. […] ‘If it was more convenient, there was once a library that could lend a hand, I thought. “

So, a few months later, Braun became this concept in Checkboxland, a JavaScript library which allows “to make the textual content, the animations and absolutely all the use of the most practical HTML checkboxes”:

When Braun proposed Checkboxland to the arena in the summer of 2020, he clarified that “someday I hope to devote my time to more valuable actions, but […] every now and then the arena wishes for weird and humorous issues. “And of course that last mirror image weighed more than the first, because a year later it surprised the web by appearing a number of examples of what he had accomplished by improving his library

the use of mathematics to achieve animations with common models

… apply it interactive animations that react to people’s clicks (which you can check out right here), which made him realize that it was once in his hands to create video games like Pong, Tetris or Snake.

An additional step: symbol and video

However, before he started developing online games using checkboxes, all other thoughts started to haunt his thoughts:

“While it is worth displaying a symbol, you shouldn’t have to go through the expensive technique of manually setting each checkbox or developing a set of rules for the scene you were looking for. “

And so, relying on the available documentation on changing photographs to ASCII textual content, Braun was once ready to use its JavaScript library to convert easy photos to checkboxes. And naturally, your next step was once inevitable:

“I quickly found out that changing photos takes 90% of the way you can convert to video, so that was my next job. “

Very quickly, this resulted in further adjustments to the Checkboxland API in order to “add any video and immediately generate a template with checkboxesIn fact, we will be able to verify this capability on your website, using it to transform any video we add.

And as if that weren’t enough, he also created a clear out webcam to transform the webcam video sign on the fly in – of course, certainly – additional checkboxes. Here is the proof :

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