The surefire way to get all the free channels and enjoy the best programming on smart TVs

Every day, all kinds of content are released on the social network. at the last minute, TIC Toc It has become one of the most widely used video streaming platforms in the world.

Users love this app because it has a wide variety of content for all types of people. Recipes to cook something delicious, tutorials, fashion tips, parodies, challenges and more on how to fix different items Tricks to even install applications or be able to access various content for free,

was on occasion A user named Gisela Lugones has revealed a hidden secret that many would surely like to know first. It is in a video that he uploaded to his personal account where he explains step by step how to access all TV channels for free.

The steps are easy to follow and the author of the video guarantees that this trick works without exception. you just need to try one Smart-TV And a smart cell phone.

“Look how I enjoy all the channels on my Smart TV with Android completely free. Sports, entertainment, cultural, children’s channels, among other channels, separated by categories”The woman started

And then he advised: “Stay till the end I will show you how to install this app so you can have all the channels on your Smart TV or tv box,,

“The first thing you are going to do is go to your browser and search for”educatea”, you enter our website and “go find”world game“You enter the first result where you can download this application”Giselle pointed out.

And he explained the second step: The second thing is to download this application on your smart TV or TV box and also on your mobile phone.send files to tv“Which is available in playstore and is free”,

to the next step “You enter the application, you press send, you look for the folder where”apk“From Global Play, you select it and then you select your Smart TV”He explained in detail.

Finally, the woman commented: “Automatically, the APK will start transferring. Finally, you need to install the APK on your Smart TV or TV Box and you can enjoy all the channels completely free.,

As expected, the trick went viral and earned over 70,000 “I like this” And hundreds of comments where users have given their opinion on this promising trick.

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