ST Engineering iDirect and USSI Global Complete C-Band Compensation – Programmer’s Uplink Compression Integration Agreement – Geospatial World


ST Engineering’s iDirect broadcast technology has been selected by USSI Global, a leading provider of customized network, broadcast and digital signage systems and services worldwide, to enable the modernization and compression of Satellite programmers distribution uplinks to comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) C-band spectral transition requirements.

The upgrade work is part of the FCC’s initiative to remove 300 MHz from the C-band 500 MHz bandwidth frequency for 5G mobile services and move service providers on that spectrum to C-band. 200 MHz remaining. As C-band spectrum is primarily used for TV and radio operations, many providers will drop the targeted 300 MHz for 5G services. These transitions will force affected vendors to navigate complex technical changes, including installing new and existing antennas, as well as repointing and filtering required for antenna upgrades.

ST Engineering iDirect is a key technology partner in the upgrade and will provide broadcast equipment, including M6100 modulators, USS0212 redundancy switches, and FR0730 up and down converters, enabling USSI Global to ensure a smooth transition and a highly efficient and future-proof infrastructure. The modernized compression systems will serve a wide sports distribution spanning the MLB, NHL and NBA teams, as well as several major programmer distribution systems in the United States. The upgrade is expected to be completed by August 2023.

“This is a critical and highly visible project that represents an important first element of the FCC’s initiative to erase the C-band spectrum for 5G. Tracking ground solutions is part of our core business, both now and in the future for our business, ”said Bob Dunbar, senior vice president of business development at USSI Global. “We have worked with ST Engineering iDirect for several decades and they are a trusted technology partner. We have used its equipment as a solution in most of our customers’ uplink upgrades around the world with multiple compression vendors. With its highly innovative and efficient technology and our strong and proven partnership, we know we can provide a smooth transition for programmers affected by the C-band compensation compression requirement. We also look forward to our partnership. continue to thrive in the future as we jointly exploit emerging opportunities in the earth segment of satellites. “

“Sports broadcasting is an integral part of the media industry in the United States, and the transition from C-band is critical,” said Darren Ludington, regional vice president of sales, Americas at ST Engineering iDirect. “We are delighted to support our partner, USSI Global, in what is an important endeavor for the company. Through this agreement, they have truly demonstrated the continued trust they place in our broadcast technology. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our strong relationship in the future. “

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