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It has been a year since George Floyd died at the hands of police on the streets of Minneapolis – and America and the world have been horrified by the cell phone video. Cities exploded with protests that would last all summer and fuel a renewed national interest in justice, equality and race in general. As we mark the solemn anniversary today, many television networks will broadcast programs focused on this terrible day and its aftermath as America continues to grapple with social justice issues.

Here’s a sample of what to watch tonight and this week. Unless otherwise indicated, all programming is for Tuesday May 25th.


The network will air the hour-long special After Floyd: the year that rocked America at 10 p.m. Part of ABC Soul of a nation series and anchored by Tamron Hall, it takes a close look at the defining moment of the generation and will attempt to provide some insight into where the country is going after Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. . It features interviews with Floyd’s family, attorney Ben Crump, Kendrick Sampson, Reverend Al Sharpton and others.


The cable network will be broadcast OWN and P&G present: Widen the screen – A more complete view of black life, an hour-long special hosted by Oprah Winfrey and features shorts and new content from black creators that celebrate black stories and the expansion of black lives, while honoring the anniversary of George’s death Floyd. Watch a clip here:


This week, the cable network will air three prime-time news specials fueled by its social impact initiative Content for Change. Bars and walks for George Floyd (8:25 p.m. May) features musical and oral performances and commentary by Jon Batiste, Nas, Andrew Young, Anthony Hamilton and others to pay homage George floyd and the movement that exploded in reaction to his assassination.
Justice Now: Race & Reckoning (8 p.m. May 26) hosted by Soledad O’Brien, features prominent voices in politics, law enforcement, American business, Hollywood and sports who address America’s racial calculation and speak the truth to those in power. O’Brien also welcomes Justice now: the way forward (8 p.m. on May 27), which examines the lingering obstacles to change that have negatively impacted the black community for generations and highlights meaningful solutions that can bring true racial and economic justice in a “post-America”. George Floyd ”.


The broadcaster will broadcast Race Matters: America after George Floyd at 10 p.m. The special examines what has changed and what has not changed since the outrage and protests last summer, focusing on Minneapolis as well as several other communities across the country that have also seen protests, police murders and hate crimes. Some local PBS outlets will also broadcast Say his name: Five days of George Floyd, a special show filmed after his death that captures an immersive observation of turmoil, anger and hope in the five days between Floyd’s murder and the news of the charges against the police.

Global Channel

World Channel released The Conversation Remix, three short films by Michèle Stephenson and Rada Studio by Joe Brewster. From the New York TimesSeries “A Conversation on Racing Op-Docs” 2015. For our daughters: conversations with black women features up-to-date discussions and thoughts on black women through the eyes of mothers and daughters. Learning to Breathe: Conversations with Young Black Men is a sequence of Grow up black, showcasing their striking evolution from boys to young adults at a time when George Floyd’s name joined that of Michael Brown in national consciousness. Bons Blancs: A Conversation with Whites features a new cast of participants and wonders if whites are really ready to take on and dismantle white supremacy.


“In America with Trymaine Lee: After George Floyd” is the new episode of Podcast Trymaine Lee, for which he speaks in depth with Christopher Martin. The 18-year-old called 911 on George floyd when he accepted a fake $ 20 bill from him as a clerk at a Minneapolis Cup Foods, then testified at the Derek Chauvin murder trial.

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