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Many H-1B employees have been terminated and returned to their home countries and are exempt from the annual H-1B lottery. They wait each day in hopes of finding an H-1B transfer sponsor employer.

For example, an employee has an H-1B petition approved in the past from October 2010 to October 2013. The employee is exempt from the H-1B Lottery and can be sponsored by an employer at any time of the year.

However, these are practical issues in finding an employer who would hire and transfer the H-1B. Usually, full-time employers are not comfortable interviewing and sponsoring a foreign employee due to their HR policies.

IT consulting companies are more willing to hire employees and sponsor H-1B transfer foreign petitions. However, a letter from the end customer is usually required at the time of visa stamping at overseas embassies and consulates.

A IT consulting company needs a confirmed project with a service agreement and work order with an end customer before the end customer issues a letter to the end customer.

Suppliers and end customers generally want to make technical selection and maintenance calls during the United States time zone, which becomes inconvenient for an employee looking for an employer sponsoring H-1B transfer to the United States. United but currently working overseas.

Even if a final interview is successful, an end client wants a consultant to join them in four to six weeks. It is impossible to obtain H-1B transfer approval and visa stamping in this short time frame.

An alternative method is to find a university to study and work using the Practical Training Work Authorization.

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