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Shadow Fight 2 mod is a mobile fighting game developed and published by Nekki Studios. The first version of the game was released on October 9, 2013, but worldwide only on May 1, 2014, on Android and iOS platforms, and on January 27, 2015, it was released on Windows Phone, and on September 13, 2018, the game has been ported to Nintendo Switch. To download shadow fight 2 mod apk you can on our website by clicking on the link.

Conspiracy Shadow Fight 2 mod apk

In the prologue, the player is introduced: the protagonist, a shadow, being a great fighter, had fame and money. But he had had enough of opponents unable to give the passion of a real fight and embarked on a distant journey in search of a decent fight. His long wanderings brought him to the Gate of Shadows, which housed seven demons: Lynx, Hermit, Butcher, Wasp, Widow, Shogun and Titan. Yet despite the taboos, the Shadow opens them and finds himself without a body, but only a silhouette of his past self, freeing the demons and restoring them to the power they once had.

To seal the Shadow Gates, it is necessary to obtain the seals of all demons except Titan. To get the seals, you must defeat all the bosses and, before that, their bodyguards. Each boss has five bodyguards (except Titan – it has six. The sixth bodyguard is our companion Mei, who was tracked into the dimension beyond the gate when the gate was sealed, there his will has been submitted to Titan. Mei is the strongest bodyguard in the game). In the end, after defeating Titan, he explodes with a powerful flow of energy that envelops everything around him, including Shadow’s body, burning his dark shell. By the way, after defeating Mei, she will come to her senses and wait for you behind the door. Also, after defeating the Titan, the Shadow Gate, which hid a whole other dimension, collapses and Shadow emerges from the dust of the wreckage of the Gate already a man, he corrects his mistake, but a which he still has not corrected, the result of all his actions was the emergence of the Shadow Spirit.

In the story, the Shadow is accompanied by several characters, who change according to the chapters. There are six in total: Mei, Sensei, Weasel, Kali, Ancient One, and Cypher.

Shadow Fight 2 gameplay

Screenshot from the game. Survival mode gameplay in Act 5.

The gameplay itself is that Shadow goes through 7 acts with some features.

Act I: 4 modes in total: survival, duel, tournament and scripted battles.

Acts II, III, IV, V, VI: 5 modes each: survival, duel, tournament, challenge and scripted battles.

In Act VII, the locations of the modes change depending on the chapters. There are 5 modes: survival, duel, tournament, test and story battles.

Each mode has its own location in each map and almost always its own soundtrack.

Progression :

To pass the Shadow Acts, you must first defeat tournaments and trials, then defeat the demon’s bodyguards, and then the demon itself.

The difficulty is to defeat the enemy in combat, reducing their health bar to zero. This is done with punches, towers, weapons, and then magic with throwing weapons, but the enemy’s strength and defense depends on upgrading Shadow gear. This is done for a fee with one of two types of currency in the right amount: coins of three different textures or rubies. Coins are accumulated in the above modes, and Rubies are accumulated for achievements, in-game purchases in the store, and for defeating demons.

If the strength of the equipment is not enough, you can switch to survival mode, where you can get money quite easily and quickly.

In addition to pumping equipment, it can be enchanted with multiple charms, each of which gives the hero a significant advantage, but the enchantment effect weakens over time. They are divided into different types, namely damage enhancement, enemy debuff or poison, hero damage absorption, regeneration, and stun.

In the middle of each act, enemies appear to challenge us. Their unofficial name is “Challengers.” They arrive when the player reaches a certain level, but almost all of them (except the first one, the Trickster) appear randomly, so it’s impossible to guess and prepare in advance. If they lose us, they give us their weapons, which have a good enchantment, which is good for strengthening the hero. So that when fighting with them there were no difficulties, before each new level, stay for 3-4 battles in survival or duel, to pump up equipment well and prepare well.

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