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Want to make a disproportionate difference on a product with 50 million page views per month and growing? Our Full Stack Developer contributes across the stack, from understanding database queries and concise writing Ruby to implementing HTML (or HAML) which brings our intuitive designs to life for our 40,000 active sellers. This role cuts across all areas of Bonanza functionality, but if you find an area that you are particularly good at, we would love you to have it.

job description
We are looking for a full-time, full-time Ruby on Rails Developer to help us with the many challenges of managing a changing marketplace.

As the only developer working on the market side of the business, you will play a critical role throughout the lifecycle of every project, from design to development to maintenance. You will work closely with key stakeholders throughout the process to ensure the success of the end result. Seasoned developers will review the code prior to implementation to provide necessary feedback and guidance. Some of the things we are working on include:

  • API: allow sellers and third parties to sell on Bonanza
  • Broadcaster: an advertising platform that takes Google Adwords and makes it understandable
  • Online stores: stand-alone stores for merchants who want to go big
  • Data mining and construction reports
  • Research experience: helping to differentiate yourself from competitors

Obviously, these balls are only scratching the surface of the tasks that we will be working on at some point. You will also have the opportunity to research and integrate new technologies.

Job requirements
A minimum of 3 years of Ruby on Rails experience in a production environment. You will be working in the full stack, from Database (MySQL) to jQuery and HTML / CSS. You should have the persistence to track down bugs in order to make a proper fix. You need to empathize with our customers’ shoe problems and keep their needs in mind while developing solutions.

Just as we use data to solve our customer’s problems, we also use data to inform our developer reviews. Those who do shit and leave a to-do list in their wake will increase quickly. Those who let days go by without committing will have a hard time.

We would prefer you to be based in Seattle, but distance may be possible for the right candidate.

Minimum of 4 years of experience preferred.

Benefits of employment
Watch: How does it feel to work at Bonanza?

Bonanza is a product-driven company run by a CEO who has spent most of its adult life as a programmer. The implications of this are that we have been obsessed for years with how to foster an environment optimized for developer happiness and throughput. It starts with our salaries, which at the high end go beyond those offered by the tech titans. Most importantly, we provide a working environment where you will hardly ever be interrupted by meetings and where you have access to the best material available. Because your productivity should never be limited for lack of resources. We also offer a carefully designed collection of benefits that sets ourselves apart from our competition:

  • Fast growing and already profitable business. It’s fun to work for a winner.
  • “Work from home Wednesday” – every Wednesday we drive to work from home, a coffee shop, or even the office, if that’s your bag.
  • “Freedom February” – every February we pull out of Seattle and spend a month boring our friends with selfies taken in Mexico, Belize, Europe, etc.
  • Five additional days off (not counted as vacation) in February to enjoy your vacation or stay
  • Breakfasts prepared twice a week
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Work from a waterfront office in downtown Seattle (food trucks galore!) Close to many bus routes
  • Complete arcade room in the office
  • Pong table on site
  • The boring stuff: fully paid health insurance coverage, vacation benefits, vacations, stock options, and more.

Beyond this generous benefit set, our commitment to our employees is that if they ever have any ideas on how we can improve our benefit set to better serve our team, we will review those ideas and try to work them out. materialize when economically possible.

Simply put, we’re one of the fastest growing and fastest growing person-to-person e-commerce sites out there. Launched in 2008, Bonanza now reaches millions of people each month who purchase from its catalog of 10 million items.

We live to empower entrepreneurs like us to create exciting new businesses. Merchants use our platform to open stores covering all product categories. Thousands of traders make a living in Bonanza without leaving their homes (except for drinking and exercising). We believe Bonanza provides entrepreneurs with the best platform to build a successful online business, and we have the numbers to prove it.

Our business has a five-year history of aggressive growth, and Alexa now calls us the biggest market on this side of Etsy. At the same time, we were named “Most Recommended Market” and “Overall Best Market” by the 2014 Annual Ecommercebytes Sellers Survey. Over 12,000 independent sellers have voted us for Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. We have a unique opportunity to make better ecommerce and we intend to use it.

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