SD Times News Summary: Package Source Mapping in Visual Studio Code, Ruby on Rails 7.0 alpha 1, and Matillion Series E


Microsoft has announced the first preview version of Package Source Mapping with Visual Studio 2022 preview 4.

Package source mapping gives users fine-grained control of where their packages are coming from by mapping every package in their solution to target a package source.

Package source mappings will apply to all types of projects, including the .NET Framework, as long as compatible tools are used for build and restore.

Further details are available here.

Ruby on Rails 7.0 alpha 1

Rails 7.0 alpha 1 offers new JavaScript responses, encryption at work, request logging, and Zeitwerk exclusivity.

The new version has a significantly improved integration between Rails and JavaScript + CSS. Additionally, when users have a controller action that needs to load two unrelated requests, they can now do so simultaneously via ‘Relation # load_async.’

Extracted from HEY, the new version added encrypted attributes to Active Record, so applications can offer encryption at work in addition to traditional coverage at rest and in transit.

Matillion Series E

Cloud data integration platform Matillion today announced $ 150 million in Series E funding, bringing the company’s valuation to $ 1.5 billion.

Matillion opens the data supply chain, accelerating time to value by providing a data operating system that integrates and manages data at scale.

“Organizations need to effectively close information gaps by rapidly transforming operational data into analytics-ready datasets that power business intelligence, AI and ML innovation,” said Matthew Scullion, CEO of Matillion. “With Matillion, large organizations have a data operating system designed specifically for the enterprise, enabling a wide range of data users – from data scientists and engineers to marketers and business analysts – to make the data useful. “

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