Ruby on Rails: is it still worth your attention in 2021?


As the world goes digital, websites and apps are becoming more and more common in our lives. And as the needs of users and developers change, so does the technology used to develop different solutions.

As a result of all these developments, our world today is inundated with countless applications and associated technologies that power our digital solutions for everyday use.

Likewise, many technologies have had to evolve over time to create more sophisticated and dynamic websites and applications. Ruby on Rails (ROR) is one of the dominant technologies in this regard.

However, every now and then you will find information about the demise of ROR web framework in the tech world. But, having survived 17 years since its release, the technology does not seem to come out of the tech world anytime soon.

Ruby on Rails is a primary choice for many developers developing web applications and websites even today with many important and modern uses and applications.

A brief introduction to Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework (a set of resources and tools for software developers to create and manage web applications, web services, and websites) that is free and open-source. The framework comes with a lot of features that allow developers to build high-end web apps and build top-notch web apps with varied functionality.

The framework works with the Ruby programming language which is very easy to learn and understand similar to the English language. By using ROR or by hiring ROR developers, you can build great out-of-the-box websites and applications for your business that come with extensive functionality to ensure a great user experience.

Just like many other web frameworks, ROR has its drawbacks, but it also offers plenty of advantages. You may come across articles and blogs saying MMR is dead, but it still has a lot of potential, allowing developers to build advanced, feature-rich web applications.

7 reasons to choose ROR for your web development

If you’re still not sure about Ruby on Rails, here are some of the top reasons you should seriously consider ROR for your web development projects:

1. Speed

Ruby is simple, cleaner, and more logical with an easy-to-understand code base with little redundant code. Therefore, Ruby offers an accelerated development speed.

This web development framework helps developers save coding time and stay focused on delivering better solutions.

Due to less coding, the time spent on coding is also less and yet the functionality remains the same. It therefore offers very rapid development.

2. Profitable

Many times the web development job can cost you an arm and a leg, depending on your needs and the scale of the project. Saving on the cost of development is one of the most important aspects of web development and a MMR developer can bring you profitability.

The more time you spend on web development for a project, the more it will cost you. Because of the speed at which projects can be completed or edited with ROR, you end up having to pay less money to build or maintain your web solutions. It is a victory for you.

Additionally, Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework, which means no license fees. So you can also reduce the license fees.

But, while choosing ROR for your project can be a profitable decision in terms of cost, always set goals correctly to ensure you build a strong web application, according to the needs of your target users.

3. Flexibility

Another key advantage of the Ruby on Rails web framework is that it is a flexible framework that can adapt to varying project requirements.

As a flexible framework, applications created with this framework can adapt to various technological developments, advancements and updates related to innovations that occur in business processes.

Ruby is a very flexible and expressive language, allowing different problems to be solved in different ways. It offers plenty of opportunities and freedoms so that you can go with the best fit solution for any project you may have.

4. Easy to get started with MMR

Getting started with Ruby on Rails isn’t hard to solve. The code created in Ruby is very readable and largely self-explanatory. Developers can use existing documentation and material to gain a good understanding of Ruby on Rails without the need for additional or unnecessary documentation than is officially available.

Since over 90% of RORs use the Ruby programming language, developers can do their job just by having a good grasp of the Ruby language. In this way, ROR provides a good variety and different types of integration that you needed for the projects.

Projects are well structured, so a developer will know the details of the project early on. Therefore, downtime for businesses is minimal if they ever need to find another ROR developer for an existing or new project.

5. Scalability

When it comes to developing a web solution, scalability has become an important determinant of which technology you choose. Ruby on Rails has long been known for its scalability issues. For example, programs written in both ROR and Java may have different performance, especially when it comes to the efficiency of Java when it comes to multithreading applications.

However, with the release of Rails 6, most of Rails’ scalability issues have been resolved. Thus, Ruby on Rails from version 6 is a highly scalable web framework that enables the efficient creation of modern and scalable web applications.

Scalability is important to achieve a flexible and robust web framework. With scalability, you can add more functionality or extend your web application to meet new business requirements as it grows. So, now you can take advantage of the ROR 6 or later web framework to build scalable web applications without any hassle.

6. High data protection

The media are inundated with information and news about hackers who breach corporate data. Cybercrime has become a widespread and major concern for all kinds of businesses and online users, whether it is a multinational corporation or an ordinary internet user.

As such, data protection has become a very important aspect for the development of web applications or web services of any business. However, for businesses and organizations, this concern is usually much greater than that of an ordinary individual.

Ruby on Rails has put a lot of effort into making the framework secure and well protected for everyone. And so, this framework has impressive data protection capabilities including providing credit card data and password encryption.

Ruby on Rails also includes special measures to stop XSS and SQL injection attacks, among many other data protection and security features. Thus, the framework is designed to allow you to build highly secure and protected web applications.

7. High maintainability and reliability

Stability is an essential aspect of any type of business. ROR takes a test-driven development approach that supports comprehensive testing capabilities.

Therefore, web solutions developed using ROR are maintainable and stable. Even the framework itself is covered by automatic testing. This makes it an even more reliable solution for developing web solutions.

In conclusion

When it comes to web development, there are many technologies available to developers to develop web solutions. However, many of these technologies don’t have the right set of tools to create a perfect solution, while others lack certain features to create an engaging web application.

Based on the project requirements, you need to choose the right technology that best suits your project. Ruby on Rails is one of the largest and most effective web application frameworks widely used to develop best-in-class web applications.

ROR has many great features that allow it to beat many high-end web application frameworks, but it also has its downsides. Make sure to check them out as well.

Ultimately, however, Ruby on Rails is worth it in 2021. Give it a try.

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