Record News – March 3, 2022 | News

The following is a list of incidents reported to police services on March 3; however, the call may have resulted in something other than originally reported.

Beckley Police Department

Animal Call: Ewart Avenue

Assist another department: Hargrove Street (2)

Attempt to Serve Domestic Violence Petition: Railroad Avenue/James Street

Break and enter attempt: McClure Street

Branding: Hart Street

Break and enter not in progress: First Street, Mercer Street, East Prince Street

Burglar Alarm: 4303 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Tractor Supply) (2), Mills Avenue, East Prince Street, Hager Street, Mallard Court, 19 Bypass Plaza (Planet Fitness), 2970 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Dollar General)

Burglary in Progress: South Kanawha Street

Burglary not in progress: Ford Street

Check Welfare: East Prince Street

Civil Matters: Raleigh County

Property Destruction: West Neville Street

Domestic: Smoot Avenue, Third Avenue, Clyde Street

DUI Investigation: Neville Street

Domestic Violence Petition Served: Airport Road (Southern Regional Jail)

Additional Patrol: 100 block Virginia Street, 100 block Central Avenue, 100 block Beckley Crossing, 400 block Woodlawn Avenue, 100 block Powerline Drive, 100 block Second Street, 1408 N. Eisenhower Drive (Sheetz), 200 block Lewis Ritchie Drive, 100 block Church Street, 1 Rails to Trails, 100 block Third Avenue, 500 block Neville Street (4), 160 Pine Lodge Road, 405 Stanaford Road, 200 block South Fayette Street, 100 block Johnstown Road, 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Sheetz) (2), block 200 Third Avenue, block 100 Washington Street, block 100 Nebraska Avenue, 1330 N. Eisenhower Drive (Walmart) (2), 1220 N. Eisenhower Drive (Sam’s Club) (2), 1210 N. Eisenhower Drive ( Lowe’s) (2), Block 100 Ninth Street, Block 100 Broadway Street (2), 510 Ewart Ave. (Willbrian Apartments) (2), 100 block Hickory Drive, 100 block Ewart Avenue (2), 1129 S. Fayette St. (Stratton Elementary School), 100 block Ninth Street, 100 block Temple Street, 100 block Virginia Street, 100 block Riley Street (2), 100 block Edgewoo d Drive, 1900 block Harper Road, 400 block Lewis Ritchie Drive, 1000 block Woodlawn Avenue, 100 block Beckley Plaza, 400 block Neville Street, 1000 block Scott Avenue, 1000 block North Oakwood Avenue, 100 Park Avenue block, 1900 Harper Road block, 100 blocks Vine Street

Foot Patrol: Main Street

Four-wheeled vehicle: Woodlawn Avenue

Harassing Phone Call: Circle Street

Harassment: 501 Neville Street (Beckley Police Department)

Illegal Dump: Johnstown Road

Unit K9: Harper Road

Flight: South Eisenhower Drive, Park Avenue

Loud Music/Noise: Reservoir Road

Magistrate detail: 222 Main Street (2)

Mail: 501 Neville Street (Beckley Police Department)

Motor vehicle accident on private land: 400 Stanaford Road (Woodrow Wilson High School)

Motor vehicle accident with entrapment: Harper Road

Motor vehicle accident with injury: Johnstown Road, Robert C. Byrd Drive/North Kanawha Street

Motor vehicle accident without liquid/injury: 501 Neville St. (Beckley Police Department), 2082 Harper Road (Ruby Tuesday restaurant)

Overdose: South Heber Street

Begging: Beckley Crossing/North Eisenhower Drive

Possible DUI: Block 1000 Woodlawn Avenue, South Eisenhower Drive, 203 Airport Road (GoMart)

Pursuit: Park Avenue

Shoplifting: 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Sheetz), 2952 Harper Road (Dollar General)

Special Assignment: Hickory Drive, Ewart Avenue

Stolen Vehicle: Temple Street

Suspicious activity: Earwood Street, First Avenue, South Fayette Street/Beaver Avenue, Park Avenue, 1 Rails to Trails, 85 Jerome Van Meter Drive (MCNB bank)

Suspicious person: Robert C. Byrd Drive (2), Railroad Avenue/James Street, Robert C. Byrd Drive (Dollar General), 4303 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Tractor Supply)

Suspect vehicle: Robert C. Byrd Drive

Traffic Stop: Block 2500 Robert C. Byrd Drive (3), Robert C. Byrd Drive/Veterans Avenue (3), Clarence Watson Meadows Memorial Boulevard/Stanaford Road, Block 100 Elmridge Court, 1210 N. Eisenhower Drive (Lowe’s) , 100 Block Pikeview Drive, 700 Block Clarence Watson Meadows Memorial Boulevard, Clarence Watson Meadows Memorial Boulevard/Pinecrest Drive, Clarence Watson Meadows Memorial Boulevard/Pine Lodge Road, Robert C. Byrd Drive/Sisson Street, 2100 Block Harper Road, 2800 Block Robert C. Byrd Drive, Block 1500 Harper Road, Block 300 North Eisenhower Drive, Block 2900 Robert C. Byrd Drive, Block 1300 Harper Road, Block 3200 Robert C. Byrd Drive

Trespass: South Heber Street

Undesirable Person: 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Sheetz)

Broken down vehicle: South Kanawha Street

Person wanted: 501 Neville Street (Beckley Police Department)

Warrant Served: 501 Neville Street (Beckley Police Department)


Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office

Anti-theft alarm: Skelton, Stanaford, Bolt

Burglary: Soak Creek

Disturbance: Grandview, Bragg, Whitby, Sophia, Soak Creek

Additional Patrol: Cool Ridge, Beaver, Shady Spring, MacArthur, Artie

Person intoxicated: Beckley

Intruder: Sandlick

Motor Vehicle Accident: Prosperity, Piney View, Beckley (2), Cool Ridge, Daniels, Bradley

Reckless Driver: MacArthur, Beaver

Shoplifting: Harper Heights

Suspicious activity: Helen, Calloway Heights (2)

Suspicious person: MacArthur

Undesirable: Cool Ridge

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