Python beats Java; Javascript will be ranked as the most popular programming language


For the first time in more than 20 years, the Python programming language has overtaken several other languages, such as Java, JavaScript and C as the most popular programming language, according to the ranking recently updated for October by Tiobe, an index that calculates results based on web searches.

The index itself is not about the best programming language per se or the language in which the most lines of code have been written, but strictly based on the number of searches for languages ​​on search engines. This is the first time in 20 years that Python has topped the rankings.

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“Python, which started out as a simple scripting language, as an alternative to Perl, has come of age. Its ease of learning, the huge amount of libraries, and its widespread use in all kinds of fields have made it the most popular programming language today. Congratulations, Guido van Rossum! Said Paul Jansen, CEO of Tiobe.

However, Python at the top of the index wasn’t just due to an increase in searches. Instead, other languages ​​entering research found that an 11.27% share for Python was enough to get it to take the lead. C fell 5.79% from October 2020 to 11.16% of index shares, while Java fell 2.11% to 10.46%.

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Tiobe, a company specializing in software quality assessment and monitoring, has tracked the popularity of programming languages ​​over the past two decades. It uses queries on popular search engines and websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo !, Wikipedia, and YouTube to assemble its index. A total of 25 search engines and sites are reviewed in the process.

The other languages ​​at the top of the October index (top 10) were C ++, C #, Visual Basic, JavaScript, SQL, PHP and Assembly Language. The report also found that Python added 2.2 million developers, mainly due to the increase in both machine learning and data science.

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Victor Dey

Victor Dey

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