Peterborough United co-owner offers his explanation for the club’s relegation from the Championship

Co-owners Dr Jason Neale (left) and Stewart ‘Randy’ Thompson (right) mentor Posh manager Grant McCann.

Thompson took to social media on Tuesday morning to make his feelings known after reading some of the criticism leveled at the club’s owners since the return to Ligue 1 was confirmed on Saturday.

Thompson, who apologized for his part in a failed campaign, said: “Honest trolls/fans are wondering where the owners are on relegation. There’s really no point in commenting on social media (media) because opinions are set and my soundbite doesn’t change that.

“The fans don’t want to be reminded that no one loses more than us (the owners) when this doesn’t come together and we’ve said many times that our top rookies (targets) don’t want to play here. We put in a broad platform that included youth development because the budget is not there with our fan base for big transfers and long term management support.

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“We made a plan and we were unlucky, some parts didn’t fit or work and early injuries up front put us behind. None of us want to be here but if you need a “sorry” I’ll raise my hand for what I’m checking. I thought we were pretty good and the year-end race says we weren’t wrong.

And while some “chic fans” pick on me and my partners, I have to say that I’ve been in business long enough to know that this year is the bottom of the roller coaster, the year before was the top. Enjoy the ride! I’m always happy to be part of the Posh family.

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