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Pepperdine miscalculated its COVID-19 vaccination rate of students on campus due to a programming error, according to a September 10 email released to the community.

The University reported that its student vaccination rate was 96%, while the actual number is closer to 84%, a difference of 12%.

The error was caused by faulty programming, COO Phil Phillips shared in a Graphic exclusive. The translation of third-party e-health service provider Medicat to Pepperdine’s PeopleSoft program resulted in a higher number, an error Pepperdine noted earlier this week and has worked to resolve until today.

The University’s COVID-19 policies – such as indoor masking and contact tracing – will not change, as the vaccination rate does not affect those protocols, Phillips said. The error also does not affect student privacy, as it was not a data breach or a security error.

Vaccination rates for professors and staff remain unchanged, as they were not reported through Medicat, Phillips said.

Medicat took full responsibility for the error, according to the email.

“The logic of the data export has been corrected and I have confirmed that it is now 100% accurate and will continue to be 100% accurate in the future,” said Daryl Rolley, CEO of Medicat.

Pepperdine’s updated vaccination rates are as follows: 84% among students and 91% among faculty and staff.

The University has yet to disclose the full breakdown of vaccination rates, including how it affects Seaver College numbers.

Phillips shared that the University wants to be open with the community about the error and hopes to keep the community’s trust.


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