PARQ taps XDAO for Stablecoin, next-gen real estate staking project in Bali


XDAO today announced its agreement with PARQ to design and develop PARQ’s own stablecoin and to launch a next-generation real estate staking project.

We are excited to take such an active part in developing the concept of PARQ using existing and future XDAO products and services as a digital foundation.

— Vlad Shavlidze, CEO and Founder of XDAO.

SINGAPORE, June 2, 2022 / — XDAO, the bespoke ultra-secure and ultra-easy DAO utility provider for business customers, today announced its agreement with PARQ, a technology community developer Bali-based real estate, to design and develop PARQ’s own stablecoin and launch a next-generation real estate staking project.

Based in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, PARQ is the developer of PARQ Ubud, a $100 million mixed-use residential and commercial real estate development, which has become Bali’s largest tech hub residential community and is the first to a series of planned PARQ residential communities. worldwide. PARQ developments offer turnkey solutions for the creative class of blockchain programmers, entrepreneurs, fintech executives, software developers, artists and other global digital nomads. XDAO is one of the largest residents of PARQ Ubud, making full use of commercial, residential, retail, culinary, event and health and wellness facilities.

Funded by Angel, XDAO is using its PARQ site to launch a number of new ventures, including XDAO Pro, a set of business services ranging from consulting – teaching clients how DAO can change operations within their organizations; to develop turnkey DAO solutions for corporate customers wishing to deploy packaged DAO. XDAO Pro is precisely the service that XDAO provides to PARQ under the new agreement.

XDAO will design and help launch PARQ stablecoin, which will allow individuals and businesses, including XDAO, to pay for products and services at PARQ Ubud and its other projects in Bali and around the world. XDAO will provide the following services to PARQ:

– Continued tokenization of PARQ residential and commercial properties.
– Bring the power and flexibility of tokenization and DAOs to PARQ, its vendors and other partners in the PARQ ecosystem.
– Implementation of a micropayment system at PARQ: processing engine, development of backend and frontend systems and interfaces;
– Launch of the PARQ individual user account matrix;

With guidance from XDAO, a very special part of the project will be to build a digitized self-governance system for PARQ Ubud, which would largely replace the traditional bureaucracy associated with running the city. With XDAO’s new system, PARQ Ubud community members will have a direct voice and input on decisions relating to the PARQ Ubud community, including:

– A voting module allowing PARQ citizens to vote based on their token ownership;
– Digitization of public assemblies;
– Digitization of resident services;

“We are delighted to take such an active part in developing the concept of PARQ using existing and future XDAO products and services as a digital foundation,” said Vlad Shavlidze, CEO and Founder of XDAO. “We are very excited to continue our work with PARQ as it transcends its current location in Ubud and expands internationally.”

PARQ is currently focusing on PARQ Ubud and several other locations in Bali. PARQ sees its collaboration with XDAO as enabling it to accelerate its growth and better serve its DAO community (many of whose members come from the blockchain world) by creating a token-friendly environment and creating asset-backed opportunities. of the real world. The PARQ stablecoin will also be used within the PARQ ecosystem to pay for goods and services.

“The PARQ stablecoin will be backed by non-volatile assets and services, and we believe the PARQ stablecoin will be well received by our PARQ community and supporters,” said Andre Frey, co-founder and CEO of PARQ.

Open to businesses since November 2021, XDAO’s framework platform offers point-and-click functionality for building DAOs, removing all the complexity and routine decision-making from the process of establishing a DAO for an organization. XDAO products are popular with commercial customers, such as hedge funds, charities, sports clubs, gaming guilds, real estate developers, and fund managers interested in using a management platform decentralized and transparent fund management system that provides an option for collective decision-making and joint decision-making. financial responsibility.

Although XDAO’s solution is designed to appeal to high-end product-oriented non-techies, being to DAO what iPhone versus Android is to smartphones, it is one of the most secure DAO platforms on the market. , having excelled in multiple hack and stress tests. . XDAO has passed two security audits and is trusted by some of the biggest names in the blockchain industry, such as Binance Smartchain, HECO Chain, Polygon, Near Foundation, and Optimism.

Currently, XDAO is experiencing explosive growth in assets under management, a trend that is expected to continue due to the inherent features and benefits of the XDAO platform.

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