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The Ohio County Public Library hosted its latest virtual storytime program last week and will begin in-person programming for all age groups starting this month.

The library has been hosting virtual events since the pandemic hit the region in March 2020, according to director Melanie Warga.

“We missed having our story hour in person,” she said. “We missed being able to have that face-to-face interaction with all of our kids and all of our adults, for that matter as well. So we are very happy to offer this again.

Warga said the library had recently hosted a few in-person events just to gauge how they would go, such as an outdoor film screening in April and May, as well as a switch to in-person adult programs at the library.

“Everything went very well and everyone was very respectful of the limits of the world we live in now,” she said. “Because these have been so successful, we are happy to have our in-person programming for all ages starting in June. “

Currently, Warga said the library has reduced mask restrictions for those who have received vaccines according to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As of June 11, she said masks would no longer be required at the library, per CDC guidelines.

However, she said there would still be space limitations to accommodate social distancing.

“We are doing our best to follow all the guidelines that have been published,” she said. “People are starting to come more often. We had so many people in the morning and it’s wonderful to be able to have this opportunity to serve customers the way we want.

The library offers story time and programming for babies, preschoolers, kindergarten to grade six, teens and adults.

Anyone wishing to register for library programs and events can do so by visiting OCPLibrary.org and clicking on the events link.

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