Master Data Analyst Product at Massmart


This role is responsible for driving master data integrity, quality and continuous improvement within a dedicated data domain (e.g. product, customer, supplier, associate, location, asset or financial data, etc.), including information systems / data systems (IS / DS) management.

Master data management
Support Master Data Manager in the development of relevant processes, procedures and standards, providing expert information on specific data characteristics and requirements of a specific data domain.
Support master data teams in maintaining the integrity and quality of master data.
Define data rules and rule sets for a specific data area, including for data validation.
Assist in the development and maintenance of relevant data definitions.
Specify and maintain data quality requirements for a specific data domain.
Monitor and report on data quality through data audits, analyzes and dashboards and identify continuous improvement requirements.
Contribute to master data management and guide master data operations and master data validation teams in data capture, cleansing and validation activities.
Oversee and control the implementation of relevant data and data validation rule sets and deploy corrective actions to relevant data capture teams, as appropriate.
Cross-check validation station data for accuracy and data integrity.
Investigate and follow up on escalated data issues, providing troubleshooting assistance and process advice.
Perform data extraction for analysis.
Facilitate mass corrections of master data.

IS / DS management
Manage the information or IS / DS data system for master data management for the allocated data area, including rules and reports.
Maintain the master database for the allocated data area.
Perform relevant system checks and balances.

Teamwork and self-management
Manage your own career and skills development.
Participate in executive mentoring sessions.
Manage your own performance cycle.

Relationship management
Engage internal customers and stakeholders and respond to requests quickly.
Build relationships within divisions, group and Walmart as well as with key external stakeholders and service providers as required.
Proactively manage the relationships and expectations of the division.

Minimum academic, professional and experience qualifications required for this position

Degree or diploma in data management or similar relevant field
Relevant Certifications in Beneficial Data Management

2-3 years experience in Retail Master Data Development SQL, SAP IS / DS and Front end – Power BI or similar.
In-depth understanding of the critical relevant data area e.g. product, customer, associate, ecommerce, location, asset or financial data etc.

Skills and Abilities
Strong attention to detail
Analytical skills
Ability to plan and prioritize tasks
Strategic understanding of the purpose and application of data
Strong administrative skills
Knowledge of tools and technologies deployable in this field
communication skills

Desired skills:

  • Master data management
  • Basic Retail Data
  • SAP
  • SQL

Desired qualification level:

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