Mangaluru: St Joseph Engineering College is selected for the AICTE-LITE program


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Mangaluru, August 19: St Joseph Engineering College (SJEC), Mangaluru has become one of 136 qualified institutes selected for the Leadership in Teaching Excellence (LITE) program of AICTE under the National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) program of the Department of ‘Education, Government of India.

To implement this program, SJEC has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Pupilfirst Private Limited, Kerala, an industrial partner of AICTE. This agreement focuses on building students’ knowledge of modern software engineering through proven online teaching-learning methods.

As part of this initiative, a minor 20-credit Advanced Web Development Diploma will be introduced for college students. This minor degree is divided into three courses namely, Introduction to JavaScript, Server Side Programming with Ruby on Rails and Typed Functional Programming with ReScript with a minor project or industry internship on full-stack web application development. .

In the process of rolling out this program, SJEC faculty will be professionally trained by industry coaches in technological tools, study programs, and continuous assessment methods that will enable them to acquire the skills and abilities. knowledge needed to implement the program through learner-centered pedagogy. .

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