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JavaScript is one of the most popular and influential programming languages. It’s almost impossible to find web applications that work without it, and it’s used by all major tech companies, such as Google, Microsoft, and Meta. These skills are always in high demand. If you want to pursue a career in programming, the beginner to advanced level JavaScript courses in the Javascript Jumbo 2022 Bundle are for you.

One course, the “Ultimate Beginners Course on Learning JavaScript from Scratch”, was designed for people without a technical background. It will take you from beginner to expert, starting with the basics of coding. The course will even teach you how GitHub works.

Beginners can also start with the “Complete JavaScript Masterclass Course”, covering JavaScript basics, general programming semantics, and coding formats. The course also covers the skills required for the next era of JavaScript, ECMAScript 6 (ES6).

If you are already familiar with CSS and HTML, you can jump straight to “JavaScript Core Fundamentals” to learn how to apply the basics of Java when coding dynamic interactive web applications. You will learn how to create objects, variables, arrays and much more.

Once you have developed a basic level of JavaScript, you can move on to “Create a to-do list using JavaScript”. It shows how to use JavaScript with HTML and CSS. You will learn how to design a complete user interface and remove items from lists.

Once you have a solid understanding of JavaScript basics, “Advanced JavaScript Topics” introduces you to the basic patterns and nuances regularly used by advanced JavaScript developers. And “Asynchronous JavaScript Deep Dive” teaches you how to work with asynchronous code, which is essential for JavaScript developers.

The final course, “Mastering JavaScript Arrays,” builds on your basic JavaScript skills to show you how to work effectively with this vital data structure. Steven Hancock, the course instructor, has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 and has been using JavaScript for over 15 years.

These courses are presented by SkillSuccess, which offers over 2,000 online video courses. Featured on CBS, CNN, Mashable, Entrepreneurand more, their goal is for you to be able to learn anywhere on laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more.

Now you can train towards a career in technology at your own pace. Get the Javascript Jumbo 2022 Bundle while it’s on sale for just $39.

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