Kolkata girl receives advanced honors from Microsoft at age 12 | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: At age 12, Asaawari Sahai earned the distinction of earning three Microsoft Technology Associate certifications.
The Modern High School for Girls Class VII student passed her MTA certification exam for Introduction to Programming using HTML and CSS with 85% marks. The cut-off grade is 70%. His previous MTA certifications were in Python and JavaScript. MTA is a certification for young professionals looking to build a career in computing and technology.
“I was sure I could clear it. But 85% certainly excites me,” Asaawari said. The experience of the first and second MTA exams prepared her for the third, she said. Asaawari was introduced to the world of coding and technology when her parents signed up three years ago with a now-leading coding educator for kids. “I was hooked when I learned basic coding. As I progressed from basic to advanced to professional level, I found there was so much more to do. It helped me to think in a more structured way and indirectly gave me a better understanding of other academic subjects,” she says.
Microsoft Technology Associate is an entry-level certification that validates fundamental technology skills and knowledge of Microsoft products. MTA exams are designed to assess basic technical concepts in databases, development, and IT infrastructure. The MTA certification is especially meaningful for students and young professionals looking to pursue a career in IT.
Introduction to coding and various other technological subjects for young students has become fashionable in recent years and is now part of the mandates of the government’s new education policy. “She has received various internal certifications from leading coding company “edutech” where she learns her coding. She is now working on her first app based on two subjects close to her – environment and quizzes,” informs Asaawari’s mother, Sushma Sahai, Head of Department of Geography, Loreto College, Kolkata.
“I finished the app, but reworked the backend technology so that other kids can use the quiz app seamlessly across multiple devices. I feel like doing something in the area of cybersecurity when I grow up because it’s a challenge,” the 12-year-old joked.
She is an avid pianist and also trains in badminton. “We have always encouraged her to try what she loves and are really impressed with how she manages time between studies, coding, friends and other activities,” smiles father Amit, who is a consultant in international trade.

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