KO Show debuts on WWE lineup

Today, January 2, 2022, marks the fifth anniversary of The KO show, which is a famous product of WWE’s top wrestlers, Kevin owens. What started as an interview segment in 2017 has now evolved into a talk show that brings a spark of energy and intrigue into WWE’s monotonous weekly wrestling. As well as being a showcase of Kevin Owens’ brilliant microphone talents and daring personality, The Kevin Owens Show has also succeeded in accelerating the dynamics of existing scenarios as well as creating powerful new ones.

Thinking back to all the entertaining moments that The KO show has come to the fore over the past few years, let’s take a look at what makes it so important and what takes it forward in the near future.



There is no doubt that The KO show was an element that had stuck with Owens’ gimmick since his WWE debut. But it was Mick foley, who coined the term as a legitimate talk show / interview segment on Monday evening gross and Friday night SmackDown. On January 2, 2017, the edition of Raw, the show kicked off with an announcement from Foley and Stephanie McMahon. As Stephanie focused more on the freshly started inter-brand rivalry, “The Hardcore Legend” turned her attention to then-WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

With a match against a challenger Roman reigns planned for the next one Rumble Royal, KO had a lot on his mind. And Foley came in the form of an angel; with his intentions fairly balanced between what would be better and worse for the duo of Jeri-KO. While he officially announced and promoted the arrival of The KO show, the first guest was declared to be none other than the title-seeking veteran, Goldberg. As for Jericho, Stéphanie offered him the opportunity to conquer the United States Championship from Reigns the same evening.Discussions about the debut of The KO Show

Amalie Arena in Tampa, Fla. Received a decent edition of Raw. Several matches were stacked with likes of Seth Rollin, Chris Jericho, Braun strowman, Rusev, Bayley, Cesaro, and many more competing inside the ring for the night. Following Foley and Stephanie’s announcements, KO battled Rollins in a one-on-one match for a chance at ringside in her pal’s match against Reigns later that night. However, for an unlucky Owens, his anger got the better of him, resulting in a disqualification. What followed was the beating of a beaten Rollins’.

Jericho wasn’t particularly lucky either. Losing his friend’s support at ringside in a crucial fight didn’t help him much. Despite an incredible display of his vast wrestling arsenal, Jericho missed his shot for the American title.


The heartbroken duo of Jeri-KO were now eagerly awaiting the only positive result in the series. Monday evening gross was not going to fall with the main fight. Instead, the first edition of the Owens show was in the spotlight. The stage (the ring) was set, with a table and chairs for the hosts and guests. Plus some posters and banners with “The KO Show” boldly written through them. Even before the inaugural guest made their entrance, Jericho said he had an extremely special announcement. An announcement for the WWE Universe that would add greatness to the KO Show start. What followed was Jericho’s reveal of number 3 entering the Rumble Royal, who was none other than himself.

Even though Owens tried to reason with him, the former paid no attention. He was convinced that whatever happened to the To scold or to WrestlingMania, the universal championship will remain with the two halves of Jeri-KO. As the altercation continued, hit the thunderous entrance theme of the legendary Goldberg. Amid strong fan approval and his beating of Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, a confident Goldberg threw in chairs, established his dominance in the ring and shut down the Jeri-KO duo. When Owens took the microphone to counter him, the voice of Paul Heyman shouted across the arena, teasing Lesnar’s return.

“The Beast Incarnate”, however, was not actually in attendance, but Heyman tried to exaggerate his performance at the Rumble Royal. It took a furious Goldberg to stop him dead in his tracks. He also shut down Owens by comparing him to Roman Reigns and dismissing them as unworthy adversaries. At that, “The Big Dog” entered and looked Goldberg in the eye. No one moved an inch as the two eyes met and shot each other, amid the audience’s approval. Finally arrived the “The monster among men”, Braun strowman, who did not have the opportunity to speak. It was not late before succumbing to the iconic Double Spear of Reigns and Goldberg.

With all this action, the first installment of The KO show It’s over. While the animators didn’t have a lot of screen time, the segment really hit its mark. This not only introduced Owens as the Universal Champion, but also added momentum to several different storylines. Starting with Jericho’s astonishing revelation, the segment dealt with the unfinished business between Lesnar and Goldberg. All of this while highlighting a new rivalry between Reigns and Strowman that would remain in the limelight for quite some time.


Publish the explosive first edition of The KO show, Kevin Owens returned after an extended tenure on April 23, 2018. This time he had collaborated with his WWE Blue Mark friend, Sami zayn. The show has been renamed The Sami and Kevin show and the influence of this duo was clearly visible on Raw. Their first guest was then managing director, Kurt Angle.

In the next editions of the KO show, the guests ranged from Jinder mahal, Elias, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte flair at The new day, Randy Orton and AJ styles, Shane McMahon, and Drew McIntyre, Lio Rush, and many more. The majority of these shows ended in chaos; an element to which KO is no stranger.

As WWE turned to the ThunderDome during the pandemic, it was the KO show which illuminated our days with humor and pandemonium. The tastes of Sasha Banks, Bayley, Andrade, Angel Garzia, Zelina Vega, Braun Strowman and Dabba-Kato also honored this segment in the ThunderDome. The latest editions even involved Logan Paul alongside Baron corbin.

During all those years, the KO Show has always been viewed as a remarkable segment of professional wrestling that can tick multiple boxes at once. Kevin Owens has already proven that his wrestling skills aren’t limited to his madness in the ring. But they also bring in his talents while holding the microphone. From delivering strong promotions to bashing some guests, Owens has done it all. It adds a special touch to his show. In addition, The KO show Barely ends peacefully for both parties, which makes everything more exciting for wrestling fans. We hope to see more The KO show in the years to come ; as a way of relieving ourselves from the regular fight schtick and as a source of light humor.

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