JavaScript is everywhere. Even MSDOS

Although pundits have joked that Java’s “write once, run everywhere” slogan might be better expressed as “write once, debug everywhere”, a relative of Java – JavaScript – has delivered on both promises better than its namesake. Thanks to its proliferation in browsers, JavaScript is a veritable lingua franca of computer languages ​​that has led to entire applications being written in it using tools like Node.js and Electron, not just browsers. But what if you’re still using MSDOS or Windows 98? We know some of you do, at least on retro machines. Don’t feel left out, the DOjS project has jSH, a JavaScript engine for DOS and related operating systems.

Why? We don’t know, but we applaud the effort. The example from the project homepage shows how to rename all file extensions in a directory:

if (args.length 

Of course, there are a million other ways to do this. On the other hand, there's a package manager -- assuming you have a working network connection, and we can imagine a few cases where this could be a little useful.

If you are trying to avoid JavaScript, you might have to consider retreating to CP/M. Or embrace it, and do your next logic simulation on MSDOS (maybe).

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