Inspired Testing Boosts Jimmy Choo’s Online Sales With Web Performance Auditing Service


Inspired Testing has launched a new web performance auditing service designed to help businesses identify, troubleshoot, and correct user experience issues before they can impact business performance.

The new service incorporates changes to Google’s web ranking factors, including Core Web Vitals, which went into effect in June. Core Web Vitals measures usability factors such as average load times, interactivity, and visual stability, and can affect a website’s overall ranking alongside traditional Google ranking metrics.

It also offers different levels of advice: from a basic, actionable audit to an intensive workshop with development teams.

Bruce Zaayman, director of specialty services, says many organizations aren’t even aware they have a web performance issue.

The speed of the user experience on your website, or lack thereof, can reduce the success of your business, says Zaayman. “In other words, if you improve the speed of your online user experience, you will achieve better business results, especially when a large part of your business depends on e-commerce, ad revenue, marketing or whatever. other transactional service.

Zaayman cites the recent example of international fashion brand Jimmy Choo, which reduced average page load times by over 60%. The home page now loads in just over six seconds using the advice from Inspired Testing.

Other improvements included:

  • Biggest Content Painting (FCP) is the loading of the largest piece of visual content on the website and Inspired testing helped improve this metric by 78.7%;
  • The Time to First Byte (TTFB) value was 70.7% improved, which allowed users to interact and interact much faster with Jimmy Choo’s website; and
  • First significant painting (FMP) improved by 60%, ranking Jimmy Choo’s website higher than any of its competitors by this measure.

“A myriad of issues can lead to poor web performance, from slow server response times to unoptimized images, to delivering large amounts of JavaScript to mobile devices, using multiple third-party tags, and using optimization solutions that slow down rather than improve the speed of the user experience. “, says Zaayman.

The Inspired Testing web performance audit service is offered in three levels:

  • Money (R59 995): Includes a site audit highlighting the location of problems and needed improvements.
  • Gold (R99 995): Includes all deliverables in Silver plus more details on how to implement improvements, with prioritization – and an important consideration where too many problems often lead to inaction.
  • Platinum (R139 995): Includes all deliverables in Gold plus a two hour developer workshop to explain in detail how to implement the changes. Platinum also includes a six-month follow-up to assess their performance and highlight new challenges that have arisen since the audit.

“There’s a saying that goes, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you will feed him all his life ‘and that is the purpose of this service, ”Zaayman explains.

“There are various tools that offer unique solutions to web performance issues, and while some of them work very well for specific issues such as graphics optimization, few address web performance as a whole, and none cannot claim to offer continuous improvements. as websites grow with new features and more traffic, ”he says.

“Regardless of the level of engagement with us, our goal is to give businesses the information they can use to continually improve their web performance over time. This involves in-depth problem diagnosis with development teams, and a wide range of solution recommendations, including back-end response improvements, Content Delivery Network (CDN) implementation, image optimization and front-end development advice.

Despite many examples of benefits, improving web performance is often overlooked. Many companies do not have the experience or expertise to effectively measure the business impact of a poor user experience, and while developers are aware of the issues, they are instead responsible for adding new functionality rather than to resolve existing problems.

“Whether you run an advertising-driven website or an e-commerce website, we can help you increase your bottom line by showing the business how improving user experience reduces bounce rate and increases bounce rate. session length, conversion rate and cart value. “

Inspired Testing provides your business with a free web optimization analysis report that measures your website’s performance and offers tips on how to better optimize your website to reach your target audience. Click here to view your report.

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