Indian IT provider Sedin Technologies announces Australian ambitions – Services

Steve de Mamiel, regional general manager of Sedin Technologies

Indian IT services and solutions provider Sedin Technologies has expanded into the Australian and New Zealand market, announcing a new office in Melbourne and a regional managing director.

The Melbourne office will be a hub for the company’s operations in Oceania and a link between our clients on both sides of the Indian Ocean. Sedin also has offices in India, Canada and the United States.

The company’s new regional managing director is Steve de Mamiel, who previously worked for cloud services and hosting company Hostopia Australia as chairman of the board from 2020 to 2022 and director from 2017 to 2020. He also held management and executive positions at Anchor, Alliance SI and Panduit.

“We are already seeing strong demand for our services, from customers across the country,” said de Mamiel, “and we look forward to strengthening our operations in this region as we actively hire engineers, developers and project managers to help us serve our customers”.

Sedin Technologies is recruiting engineers, developers and project managers to serve its Australian customers. He is also looking to hire people for sales and marketing, technology, and operational roles.

Sedin’s ANZ services range from data and analytics to digital commerce, enterprise asset and content management, enterprise engineering and Salesforce technology consulting.

Globally, the Company’s brands include Ruby On Rails and the complete solution provider RailsFactoryan enterprise asset management product EAM360data science and AI consulting DataKultureand e-commerce agency CodeRapper.

Invest Victoria assisted Sedin by providing information on Victoria’s business environment and market opportunities.

Invest Victoria CEO Danni Jarret said: “Melbourne’s tech ecosystem continues to create the right conditions for businesses to thrive and grow, especially for companies like Sedin, and we’re here to help. assist in their international expansion in Victoria”.

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