Improve your JavaScript experience on your CV with this $ 25 Learn to Code package


Nine coding courses for $ 25: The Learn to Code 2021 package (covering React, Redux, JavaScript, and more) goes on sale August 21, reducing each course in the package to less than $ 3 each.

Learning to code isn’t just for people who have spent summers at tech camp. Almost anyone can learn this coveted skill – in their spare time.

The Learn to Code 2021 bundle unboxes the crucial elements of major programming languages ​​such as JavaScript and the associated React and Redux libraries. Over 500 lessons are bundled into 53 hours of content – and an ongoing deal guarantees each of the nine courses for less than $ 3 each.

Start building your personal portfolio instantly with an immediate dive into building modern React apps with Redux Toolkit and Typescript. Next, you’ll learn how to build a React app from scratch. Using Storybook unit testing and stories, you’ll hone your skills and be able to deliver on demand the next time you try to create in the app. The courses also cover React JS, for proficiency in web development, and React-Native-CLI, the library developed by the React team.

All courses are taught by Oak Academy, a collective of technology experts who have worked in only on all corners of the industry. Educators specializing in cybersecurity, coding, IT, game development, application monetization and more bring their expertise throughout the Learn to Code courses, preparing you for a number of angles of learning. questions during a possible future technological job interview.

Get 9 classes for $ 24.99 at the Mashable Store

Get 9 classes for $ 24.99 at the Mashable Store

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Get 9 classes for $ 24.99 at the Mashable Store

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