How to Attend RStudio Conference 2022 Remotely for Free

If you can’t attend the RStudio 2022 conference in person on July 27-28, you can still tune in to watch live, and even submit questions remotely and join a Discord chat server with other virtual attendees, all for free.

The main conference, billed as an event to “connect, learn, and celebrate all things R and RStudio,” begins Wednesday, July 27 at 9 a.m. EDT in Washington, DC. There are pre-conference workshops on July 25 and 26.

Keynote addresses and presentations (but not pre-conference workshops) will be streamed live from the conference website at You can view the full schedule and select sessions to add to your schedule. As of this writing, you can also submit your email address on this conference page if you’d like to be notified when the Discord link is live (scroll down to the “Join Virtually” section of the webpage ).

The keynote will focus on “best practices for applied machine learning – from model development to model deployment”, and there will be further discussions on modeling and MLOps later in the conference. Another keynote is “The Past and Future of Shiny”, which will be followed by an intriguing session later in the conference titled “Running Shiny Serverless”, by RStudio’s Winston Chang. The Shiny package for building interactive web applications with R generally requires a server, unless those applications are running locally in an R session.

Quarto, the next-generation R Markdown system, will also be featured at the conference. RStudio has been doing a soft launch of Quarto for the past few months, but the tech publishing platform will be in the spotlight at the conference with several Quarto-focused sessions.

Multilingual data work in R and Python will be another topic – there are more than a dozen sessions that include Python as a main topic, such as “Achieving a Seamless Workflow Between R, Python, and SAS from RStudio” and “R, Python and Tableau: a love triangle.” And, Quarto is as native to Python and JavaScript Observable as it is to R.

As always, there will be sessions offering tips and case studies on a wide range of R topics, as well as advice on using RStudio’s paid enterprise products.

If you want to follow the conference on Twitter, keep an eye on the #rstudioconf and #rstudioconf2022 hashtags; I have seen both used. You can search both with this link Twitter.comor learn how to code your own searchable table of conference tweets with R.

If you cannot attend the conference in person or virtually, videos are usually released some time after the event. You can watch pre-pandemic videos from RStudio Conference 2020 on the conference website or on YouTube. (Last year’s conference was canceled.)

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