Here’s the CNN + lineup so far

The closer we get to the still unannounced first quarter launch date of CNN’s new streaming service CNN +, the more the network plans become clearer.

CNN has already made it clear, for example, that the upcoming offering isn’t meant to be a streamable alternative that just gives audiences the same things they’re already getting now. Rather, CNN + will exist alongside the network’s TV programming – offering content from CNN’s archives, as well as talent shows created specifically for the streaming service. One of the most recent being Alison romain, a renowned cook and New York Times bestselling author.

The just announced show of Roman, in fact, is actually the CNN + title that excites me the most. Credit goes to my own pandemic diet which needs to be shaken from its doldrums, mixed with Roman’s personality. Reading your email newsletter, for example, can feel like you have a friend’s cooking cheat sheet. “Sometimes the beigeest foods are my favorite, and there’s no food more beige than this,” she wrote in one of her newsletter editions a few years ago. barely days, with recipe instructions for a Dill Bean Stew with Cabbage and Kale. onions.

“It’s deceptively complex too and it’s good for anyone who lists pickles as one of their top 5 foods. I got an email from the reader this morning which was basically, “LOVE YOU BUT ENOUGH WITH BEANS”, which is fair! I even said it myself.

CNN has announced in recent days that Roman will host a new CNN Original Series cooking show as part of the CNN + content listing. Working with Zero Point Zero, the production company behind Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” for CNN, the episodes will find Roman both in and outside the kitchen.

All of her recipes have compelling, personal and, most importantly, relevant stories behind them. For her show, CNN says she will be teaching both the stoves and the world “to learn more about the ingredients, the people and the story behind the dish.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to partner with CNN + on this project,” Roman said as part of the network’s announcement. “I have dreamed of bringing a new kind of food and dining show to life for years, and I can’t think of a better place to make it happen. Lydia and the whole ZPZ team have been my heroes for so long, I’m really more than happy to collaborate with them.

New York-based Roman has also worked as a food columnist for the New York Times, as well as an editor at Bon Appetit. She cut her teeth as a pastry chef at places like Quince in San Francisco, as well as Momofuku Milk Bar in New York.

Roman will be joined on CNN +, meanwhile, by an ever-growing roster of talent that includes Anderson Cooper, Eva Longoria, Chris Wallace, and more.

Here’s a look at what else we know about the streaming service:

Anderson CooperA: The venerable CNN presenter is receiving two shows on CNN + – “Parenting Advice with Anderson Cooper”, while his current streaming show “Anderson Cooper Full Circle” will be upgraded to the new service. CNN says the show focused on Cooper’s parents will air weekly on the streamer and will find him consulting with experts “on how to navigate the life of a working dad and deal with the daily parenting challenges, schedules of sleep at screen time. Cooper will learn from the audience, asking questions of the experts for their advice. “

“Anderson Cooper Full Circle,” meanwhile, is a bi-weekly digital show – in which Cooper interviews reporters about stories centered outside of Washington DC – available exclusively on CNN Digital properties. It will move to CNN + ‘s live programming schedule.

Chris Wallace: A few weeks ago, longtime Fox News anchor Chris Wallace abruptly left the network where he had become somewhat of an older statesman. join CNN’s new streamer. Few details of his weekday live show have yet been released. But CNN says it will feature interviews with reporters “across politics, business, sport and culture.” And it will be available at launch.

Kasie Hunt: Hunt recently left NBC News / MSNBC to be CNN’s newest presenter and chief national affairs analyst. She will also host a daily politics program on CNN +, in addition to reporting for CNN and covering the latest news.

Eva longoria: The actress and activist will host a spin-off of Stanley Tucci’s original CNN series “Searching for Italy” for CNN +. In the case of Longoria, the new show will be the «Eva Longoria: In search of Mexico. “He will follow her as she explores Mexico from the perspective of its cuisine and culture.

Scott Galloway: Serial entrepreneur and professor of marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business, CNN said Galloway will host a new live show, available at launch, focusing on “news and conversations where business and technology collide.” .

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