HER Digital Academy announces the world’s first fully online school for women to launch careers in tech


HER Digital Academy helps women around the world improve their skills and retrain individually, while partnering with workplaces to create acceleration programs for startup founders.

HER Digital Academy is proud to announce the launch of its online school today, providing education to women around the world through their digital platform. The academy offers one-on-one mentoring, live teaching sessions, and hands-on projects to help students improve their skills or retrain for better employment opportunities in tech.

Coding Workshop 101, Front End Development, Full Development, and Software Engineering Accelerators are courses the academy is currently offering to its growing global community of female learners. They also offer in-house skills acceleration courses for businesses that help train the next generation of IT experts.

Andrea Sesum and Ayumi Moore Aoki, two visionary leaders with a passion for technology, run HER Digital Academy. The two mothers and the immigrants met online in March 2020 and decided to create a platform specifically to provide advanced technological education to other women.

“Statistics show that less than 19% of the global tech workforce are women, creating a serious gender diversity issue for businesses, not to mention systemic issues for families’ future financial security,” Sesum said.

“85% of women who wish to re-enter the labor market wish to return immediately. We need to empower women as role models, access to appropriate education, and support job searches to create better talent pools for more sustainable businesses and communities as a whole.

HER Digital Academy is a social enterprise that helps students finance their education through flexible payment plans, reducing the need for third party loans.

HER Digital Academy wants to help women around the world find jobs by getting an education that makes them competitive, ”said Moore Aoki. “It means teaching women about technology, where, when and how it should be taught.”

“We are the first online school to bring coding to women in Zambia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa because we believe that promoting a passion for technology and providing access to technical education means that today’s women – and the next generation – will prosper. in the future of work. ”

HER Digital Academy also supports women entrepreneurs who create tech startups with the knowledge, technical skills and mentorship acquired through the program. In addition, the academy also works with businesses and organizations to create, design and launch ‘seed accelerators’, or innovation programs to support young businesses started by women.

HER courses are taught by IT experts with many years of experience and practical knowledge. By providing a virtual learning platform, the academy makes it easy for students to join the program from anywhere without significant financial consequences. Students who participate in the course can begin their journey to a flourishing and successful IT career in weeks instead of years.

For more information, please visit https://herdigitalacademy.com/.

To become an Affiliate or Partner of Her Digital Academy, please visit https://herdigitalacademy.com/partner-with-her/.

About HER Digital Academy

HER Digital Academy is the first fully online and truly global school for women that focuses on teaching women the digital skills needed to launch dream careers in tech. They are present in the MENA region, Europe and North America, and are the only online school offering coding in Zambia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

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