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Not only are a ton of programming languages ​​in use today, but they all get regular updates, which means programmers are constantly learning and coding. For those who are just starting out, this can be a daunting task and makes it difficult to choose which languages ​​to learn.

That is why The 2021 Master Learn to Code certification pack is such a useful resource – it compiles classes across all of the most popular platforms and languages ​​into one online package.

The scope of this set is so wide that you’ll be using it as a resource for years after you’ve launched your programming career. And whatever type of job you’re looking for, there’s something here for you. These 13 courses are taught by some of the most respected names in the tech world, and each will help you in a different area.

For a solid foundation in general programming, you can dive straight into courses on HTML, JavaScript, or C ++. If you’re new to data science, there are plenty of courses on popular languages ​​like Python or R, as well as tools like Apache Spark. Aspiring web or game developers can learn more about Ruby on Rails or C #. Not only will you come out of these courses ready to be certified, but you will also have completed applications and projects that will give any resume a big boost.

PCMag readers can take advantage of a limited time discount on The 2021 Master Learn to Code certification pack, on sale for $ 20 at 99% off the MSRP of $ 2,594.

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