Gain the skills and confidence you need to become a top web developer for less than $30

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We all know the importance of an online presence. Your website is often the first introduction that potential customers or users need to find out who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer. As such, that impression should be good, lasting, one that will keep people coming back for more. Since you are the person who knows your business best, doesn’t it make sense that you take control, design and build your own website?

We understand that you may feel like you don’t have the expertise and prefer to leave this job to professionals. While there may be some merit to this, there may also be downsides. First of all, they can be pretty damn expensive. Prices obviously vary and chances are that if you go with a cheaper designer, you’ll probably get what you pay for. Moreover, by developing it yourself, you will have full control over the appearance, both at the beginning and throughout the life of your web page. Third, once you’ve gained the confidence that you can do it, you can also create sites for others (and be one of those highly paid web developers – according to Indeed, the average salary in the field is over $67,000 per year!)

So what’s your first step? This Web Development for Beginners 2022 Pack will walk you through the various coding and programming languages ​​so you can build websites from front-end to back-end and everything in between. You will learn about CSS3 (cascading style sheets), JavaScript, C++ programming, AngularJS, Flutter and more. You’ll build real projects using a variety of tools, software, and apps, while mastering the skills needed to create smart, effective websites.

Whether you use your newfound talents solely for your own purposes, choose to go freelance and spread your gift among others, or take up full-time employment as a web developer, this course will be your gateway. It offers lifetime access to 8 courses (each with a normal value of $200). With 30 hours of content plus invaluable hands-on practice, you’ll master the basics of coding. Get this bundle now for just $29.99.

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