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The thematic entity consists of several different courses. The courses are linked to each other, but most of the one-to-one courses focus on a particular technology or tool. You can take all classes or just individual classes depending on your own interests and needs.

You can receive up to 13 credits through Full Stack courses. Additionally, you can also take a Full Stack Project Course (5, 7 or 10 credits).

Complete courses

Full Stack Web Development (5 cr, CSM141081): This course will introduce you to modern JavaScript-based web development. The main goal is to build single page apps with ReactJS that use REST APIs built with Node.js.

Full Stack Web Development, extension 1 (1 cr, CSM141082)

Full Stack Web Development, extension 2 (1 cr, CSM141083)

Full Stack Web Development: GraphQL (1 cr, CSM14113): GraphQL – alternative to REST for communication between a browser and a server.

Full Stack Web Development: TypeScript (1 cr, CSM14110): TypeScript: an open source typed superset of JavaScript developed by Microsoft that compiles into plain JavaScript.

Full Stack Web Development: React Native (2 cr, CSM14111): Learn how to build native Android and iOS mobile apps with JavaScript and React using the React Native framework.

Full Stack Web Development: Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (1 cr, CSM14112): Understand why you should use a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery system (CI / CD system).

Full Stack Web Development: Containers (1 cr, CSM141084): Find out what containers are and how they can be used effectively in web development.

Full Stack Project Course

You can receive 5, 7 or 10 credits for the project. The number of credits is based on the hours worked.

Full Stack Web Development Project (5 cr, CSM141091)

Full Stack Web Development Project (7 cr, CSM141092)

Full Stack Web Development Project (10 cr, CSM141093)

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