Four places to hire a Vue.js developer


The talented developers of Vue.js are a great asset to any business. These professionals create front-end solutions, so their work determines the quality of the user experience for your potential and existing customers. Every business wants to hire a Vue.js developer who will build an engaging and transparent environment.

Finding a suitable candidate can be difficult. Follow our guide to hiring Vuejs developers the right way. First, decide if you need in-house talent, a contractor, or outsourcing services.

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Should you hire a Vue.js developer for an internal team?

Finding a part-time or full-time employee may be right for your business if you need constant access to their expertise. This option is the most expensive. Many companies are looking for Vue.js developers to hire for temporary work, unless their projects are large enough to justify the internal expenses. You don’t just need to spend time on recruiting and onboarding formalities. The developer will also expect the same range of pay, including perks, as the rest of the staff.

When outsourcing is better

Lower costs are not the only benefit of outsourcing. The local pool of applicants may be limited or you may need to quickly hire a Vue.js programmer. Outsourcing to offshore locations like Ukraine will help your business complete Vue.js projects on time and on budget, but without the added effort of finding and hiring staff.

A detached agency will bring together the perfect team for your project. You can also contact development companies through websites like Clutch. By outsourcing abroad, you can significantly reduce costs.

When entrepreneurs are better

Companies with skills gaps can hire Vue developers as sub-contractors for staff augmentation. These experts don’t become full-time employees, but they can be just as committed to the project as the rest of the team. This is a temporary solution that is usually chosen for specific projects.

Where to rent: 3 sites

For an HR manager, defining the requirements for a Vue.js developer to hire can be a challenge. Discuss the expectations with other members of your staff involved in the project. First, learn about the main requirements for the Vue.js developer role. Note that soft skills also count: in addition to mastering the framework, the expert must be a good communicator.

1. Toptal

This virtual talent market was launched over ten years ago. It connects developers for hire with startups and established businesses. One of the biggest advantages is that the supplier uses a rigorous hiring process. It guarantees that only the 3% of the best candidates are selected. In terms of choice, there is a wide choice of highly qualified professionals. You can find an expert with a solid background in building web interfaces for desktop and mobile applications.

The most competitive candidates have experience in different development settings. Today, many large companies, including multinationals, are looking for developers on this site. The company offers a risk-free trial period, which is another benefit for recruiters who want to explore it first.

2. Fifth

This is another big market for independent talent. Just like Toptal, it was founded in 2010 and offers a wide choice of highly qualified developers. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv and enjoys an excellent reputation. You are guaranteed to find a suitable candidate on this great online platform. In addition, recruiters appreciate the satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 customer service. Fiverr attracts companies of all sizes, including Fortune 500 giants.

3. Preparatory work

This great job search platform for the self-employed includes more than 12 million entrepreneurs. It has been chosen by millions of companies, including giants like Airbnb and Microsoft. The platform has been around since 2015 and helps developers from different fields find clients or employers. Its Vue.js pool is trusted.

Different recruitment options are available. The quality of customer support is impeccable. You will be guided through the hiring process and the company will adapt its selection to your needs.

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Where to find development companies

One of the most popular platforms connecting businesses with development agencies is There you will find detailed profiles with descriptions of completed projects. The platform has a review section for each company with feedback from its previous clients. If you want to hire the Vue.js team of developers, follow the tips here to hire top talent fast.

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