EXCLUSIVE | No MKR for 2022, says Seven chief programming officer ANGUS ROSS


In exclusive interview, Seven’s Programming Director Angus Ross reveals his plans for 2022 and beyond

Seven West Media

Angus ross has been Programming Director for Seven Network since 2012. He carries the weight of ordering and acquiring all entertainment content on the Seven and 7plus channels.

While we all have a bit of a programmer in us, Angus is ultimately responsible for what we watch and how we watch it, whether the content is available for linear broadcast or on the streaming service, 7plus .

Rumors have swirled that Rules of my kitchen could make a comeback as early as 2022. In a new interview I recorded with Angus for the Blackbox TV the Angus podcast reveals:

“We would like to revisit the format at some point, but at the moment it seems way too early,

“It’s definitely not anywhere in next year’s schedule”

In a large interview, Angus also talks about the future of Holey moley and Dancing with the stars

Other topics include:

  • His high school years and what he wanted to do before he got into the media
  • Roles before Channel 7
  • Lessons learned from the Seven team
  • James Warburton’s New Strategy
  • Current network performance
  • The Chase with Larry Emdur
  • Holey moley
  • Ultimate Tag
  • Dancing with the stars
  • Big Brother
  • Tobogganing between the commercial channels
  • Australian gangster
  • SAS Australia
  • More info on MKR and these comeback rumors
  • SAS Australia
  • Australian drama
  • Nine’s strategy to promote 9Now by showing the first episodes on the shelf
  • Process of an idea to then be disseminated
  • Reviews (and the idea of ​​going from overnight stays to 7-day reviews)
  • what seven missed
  • Viewer inconvenience – do not broadcast programs
  • His point of view on accelerated monitoring
  • Can Seven win the odds year in 2021?
  • The year of reboots
  • Factors involved in scheduling a show
  • Is being a network programmer a double-edged sword?

BIG BROTHER (picture – Seven)

I want to sincerely thank Angus ross for his time on this podcast – much longer than any interview he’s ever done. It really gives a glimpse into the life of a programmer, the way shows are made and scheduled, and the performance of the network as a whole.

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