Everything you need to know about a cryptographer

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November 17, 2021

Want to know more about the cryptographer and his role? Read the article and learn about cryptography

Roles and Responsibilities: A cryptographer develops security systems using algorithms and ciphers to encrypt sensitive data. This professional must ensure that all important data, including financial, personal, commercial and military, is safe from hackers. Although the specific job duties differ from organization to organization, a cryptographer should have a good understanding of cybersecurity systems and other related algorithms to design robust and secure systems that are not vulnerable to penetration and to piracy.

Average salary (per year): 105,602 USD


  • Up-to-date knowledge of hardware, software and IT security solutions
  • Up-to-date understanding of source code programming languages, such as C #, C ++, .NET, Java, Perl, PHP, Python or Ruby On Rails, etc. that you will use
  • Hands-on experience using computer operating systems such as MS Windows, UNIX / Linux
  • Analytical mind with the ability to create source code.
  • Have experience in an IT support company or provided IT support and acquired networking knowledge.

The 3 best online courses:

Master Mathematical Cryptography 2020 by Udemy: In this course you will learn all the old and modern security systems that have been and are in use today. You also learn to decipher each and understand why some security systems are weak and why others are strong. You will also understand RSA, AES, and ECC which are the three major modern crypto systems in use today.

Introduction to Applied Cryptography by Coursera: In this specialization, students will learn basic security issues in computer communications, classical cryptographic algorithms, symmetric key cryptography, public key cryptography, authentication, and digital signatures. . These topics should prove useful to those who are new to cybersecurity and those who have some experience.

Main institutes offering the program:

  • MSc Cryptography at Metropolitan University of London
  • Cryptography and Information Security at Centennial College
  • Master in cryptography at the University of Gothenburg

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