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He’s a programmer, PC gamer, entrepreneur, billionaire – and currently Germany’s most successful tech founder. Shopify boss Tobias Lütke gave a live interview to IT magazine c’t on Wednesday and answered viewers’ questions. This is the first interview he gives this year to a German-speaking media.

The live interview begins Wednesday at 3 p.m. here on heise online and on the heise online YouTube channel. It is headed by editor-in-chief Dr. Jürgen Rink and editor-in-chief Jan Mahn. Then Lütke will answer viewers’ questions in an “Ask Me Anything”. Questions can be asked in the heise online forum and in the YouTube comments.

Lütke is hardly known in his home country of Germany, although he is a superstar of the tech scene in many ways: he learned programming on his own and cut his teeth in the open community. source, including in the core Ruby on Rails web frameworks team. He developed the first versions of the Shopify software himself.

And then, in 15 years, he transformed his humble start-up based in Ottawa, Canada, into a company that is currently better valued on the stock market than SAP, the most valued company in Germany.

Lütke grew up in Koblenz and emigrated to Canada in 2002, where he first set up an online snowboard store. Because he found the store systems common at the time to be unsuitable, he developed his own – creating the foundation for Shopify.

The young programmer’s side project has now grown into a company with over 7,000 employees. Shopify offers online merchants a store system that includes hosting and also processes payments. Additionally, retailers can book consulting services through Shopify’s partner program, for example, and integrate apps from external developers through an app store.

Lütke prefers to talk about other topics than the market value of Shopify, for example the influence of PC games on the development of his management skills: With the real-time strategy game Starcraft you learn certain skills as well as with an MBA, Lütke said in an interview. At the same time, he comes across as an insatiable reader of non-fiction books and describes, for example, the influence of author Nassim Nicholas Taleb (“Antifragility”) on him and on Shopify.

Shopify’s corporate culture also offers a lot of discussion: for example, the company has been working “digital by default” since 2020. Even after the pandemic, Lütke does not want a return to the old culture of presence. “The office automation orientation is over”, tweeted il in May 2020. The future of commerce is another topic Lütke is intensely interested in – for example with cryptocurrencies and decentralized contracts.

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