Confluent Announces Cloud Deployment Across Azure UAE Regions to Meet Data Streaming Demand

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Confluent, Inc., the pioneer of data streaming, today announced that Confluent Cloud is now available to customers in the United Arab Emirates through Microsoft’s local Azure data centers in the country.

“Data sovereignty and residency are increasingly important to modern digital projects in the region, forcing enterprises to look to their cloud providers to support their compliance efforts,” said Fred Crehan, vice president. Regional, Emerging Markets at Confluent. “Now that Confluent Cloud is hosted locally, we can bring reliable, unparalleled data streaming to our regional customers and empower them in their digital transformation initiatives in an increasingly hybrid and multi-cloud world.”

Microsoft Azure regions provide Confluent with the availability, high performance, low latency, and security it needs to meet customer standards for flexibility, reliability, and disaster recovery. Additionally, because data is stored in-country, Confluent can cater to highly regulated verticals such as government and financial services. “Microsoft’s UAE region is the go-to place for any innovative cloud offering because of our ability to deliver industry-leading availability, latency, and security,” said Onur Gorur, director of product management. , Microsoft MEA. “Confluent has established itself as a leader in data infrastructure and management with its open source ‘data in motion’ data streaming platform offering.

Confluent Cloud is a fully managed cloud-native service for connecting and processing data, wherever it’s needed. Its elastic scalability and virtually infinite storage make it easy to move real-time data between public and private clouds. And it offers managed connectors to the most popular data sources in the Kafka ecosystem, as well as SQL-based stream processing and a governance suite for streaming data, all from the same access pane. . As a cloud service, the offering is backed by 99.95% uptimes which are backed by SLAs.

Additionally, Confluent has worked to implement some of the most robust enterprise-grade security and compliance measures in the industry. For example, Confluent recently announced that Stream Governance advanced, which includes Schema Registry for Stream Quality, is now available globally. By more than doubling Schema Registry’s global availability to 28 regions, customers have more flexibility to manage schemas directly alongside their Kafka clusters to maintain strict compliance requirements and data sovereignty.

The local data center in the United Arab Emirates is the first location Confluent has chosen for its hyperscale platform, alongside the recently launched cloud offering in Qatar via Azure. Its decision to offer data in motion to customers in the United Arab Emirates on Azure is a strong signal of its continued commitment to the region and the strengthening of its partnership with Azure announced last year. In April this year, the company opened its headquarters in Dubai, establishing a local presence with teams dedicated to sales, solutions engineering, professional services, customer success and channel functions.

Crehan added, “Confluent sees the Middle East as a major growth market, and as more organizations transition to hybrid and multi-cloud models, Confluent Cloud will be there to provide the flexibility and security that they need to grow and thrive. .”


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