Compendium of Indicators on Cash and Voucher Programming, September 2021 – Version 2.0 – Global


This compendium of indicators has been designed to help World Vision field offices design and monitor quality Cash and Voucher Program (CVP) projects. Specifically, the compendium will enable officers responsible for the design, implementation and monitoring of cash and voucher programs to 1) select appropriate indicators for baseline and monitoring and 2) ensure that CVP interventions have the intended impact on individuals, families and communities, and if so, through what channels. It provides a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, list of performance level indicators and outputs relevant to cash and voucher programming.

Cash and voucher programming is not a stand-alone sector, but rather a modality used to achieve goals and improve outcomes related to a range of sectors, including basic needs, livelihoods, food security , nutrition, shelter, WASH, etc. As such, CVP monitoring should focus on program objectives and results, in addition to production and process aspects such as delivery mechanisms, modalities and distributions. The collection also includes brief information on:

– What each indicator means;

– How to measure the indicator (including the questions to be included in the monitoring tools);

– How to analyze and report the data collected;

– Relevant levels of disaggregation;

– Where to find relevant guidance documents for additional information

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