Community support helps Salvation Army programs

CHEBOYGAN – The Christmas season at The Salvation Army in Cheboygan County is the busiest time of year.

The Salvation Army has two major projects that take place during the holiday season. The first is the annual Christmas baskets and toys project.

“We are starting in October to start our publicity to let families who are struggling and do not know how their Christmas is going to be that we are ready to do a little party to make their Christmas merry by providing them with a Christmas basket full of the food and toys for every child in the family, ”said Major John Morrison of the Cheboygan County Salvation Army.

At the same time, in November, the Salvation Army also begins its only major fundraising campaign of the year to cover expenses for the purchase of food and toys. Most of the money generated by this fundraising campaign is spent on securing a Merry Christmas before it’s even collected.

“We are an army that travels with the faith and the past history of a community that cares for its own,” said Roman Hank, Salvation Army business manager in Cheboygan County. “We are happy and blessed to report that our annual Red Kettle campaign goal of $ 63,000 has been met and the final total was $ 77,505.06.”

Hank said they were very happy with the huge support from the community to reach this record number.

“This would not even have been possible without the support of more than 20 families and individuals and 10 churches, civic groups and clubs, who freely gave their time and energy to ring the bell at our six different sites. ringtone, ”Hank said.

Hank also pointed out that the Salvation Army hired several people to ring the bells to fill in the gaps when volunteers to ring the bells were not available. They were all from the community who wanted some extra Christmas money for their families, so it was a “win-win” for everyone involved.

“Thanks to this fantastic fundraising effort, we were able to give 124 families a great Christmas dinner and provide toys to 222 children,” Hank said.

Several businesses in the community also collected new toys and donated them to the stockpile of toys and gifts purchased by The Salvation Army.

Community support assured The Salvation Army that they would not have to turn away anyone who needed a helping hand to celebrate Christmas.

“We spent $ 26,196 of the funds raised during the month of December and will carry over the rest to help cover our expenses throughout 2022,” Hank said.

The Salvation Army family store on Main Street in the town of Cheboygan is open six days a week, offering shopping for the community, as well as several emergency services for those in need.

The Salvation Army family store in Cheboygan town is open six days a week to shop for the whole community and also provides free clothing vouchers for those in need in the community. Profits from the store remain in the Cheboygan County community and help The Salvation Army continue to meet its monthly expenses.

“Our emergency pantry is open five days a week to make sure anyone in need of food has immediate access with just a phone call. We also work with state and federal governments to provide resources for utility bills and rental issues that can arise in an emergency, ”Hank said. “We are ready to sit down with anyone who is facing an emergency crisis and needs help with How to Cope. Sometimes we can handle it directly, sometimes we can direct people to other resources in our community that help cover any need that arises. “

Hank said Salvation Army staff and administration believe none of this would be possible without the community’s great response to the Christmas ringing effort.

“Cheboygan is a great community in which to do the Salvation Army’s job of meeting human needs without discrimination,” Hank said. “Thank you Cheboygan for providing the joy of Christmas and for making the Salvation Army available to serve year round.”

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