Codemeter and Javascript share an underlying principle of universal versatility



  • September 30, 2021
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Codemeter and Javascript share an underlying principle of universal versatility

The CodeMeter family of protection, licensing and security solutions designed by Wibu-Systems becomes even more universal and versatile with AxProtector JavaScript, a dedicated tool for JavaScript applications included in CodeMter Protection Suite, the powerful and popular development toolkit.

As JavaScript has passed a quarter of a century since its inception, the language continues to grow stronger with each iteration, bringing new features, use cases, and user groups. Although still familiar to most casual users as a language for client-side browser applications, it has become a top choice for both desktop and server-side programs, opening up a multitude of new opportunities as the world is becoming more and more online experience. JavaScript is at work in many connected systems that blur the line between on-premises, edge or cloud applications in the new digital economy and smart industry. It’s no wonder that JavaScript has seen a wave of enthusiasm throughout the year among developers and users alike, currently ranking among the top development languages ​​in the Tiobe Index.

Wibu-Systems, the protection and licensing professionals of Karlsruhe, have long been committed to bringing their expertise to the world of JavaScript. However, its inherent openness and malleability had, in the past, raised concerns about the security of systems and intellectual property. modern smart industry. That’s why CodeMeter Protection Suite, the essential toolkit used to protect and authorize applications with Wibu-Systems’ unparalleled CodeMeter technology, now includes AxProtector JavaScript. The dedicated version of the AxProtector encryption and protection tool allows developers to encrypt their applications either completely or with modular encryption for more creative customization, and to embed deep and tamper-proof licenses into the resulting applications. Optionally, IP protection mode adds unlicensed reverse engineering protection, making it an ideal choice for securing valuable intangibles in demo or freemium software without worrying about IP theft.

AxProtector JavaScript is fully integrated with the CodeMeter family of licensing and distribution solutions, including the popular CodeMeter License Central for easy and user-friendly management of the licensing process and a choice of license containers, ranging from robust CmDongle hardware containers or industrial grade From ASICs to software and even fully cloud-based CmCloudContainers. The addition of AxProtector JavaScript brings all the technical sophistication and creative business potential of CodeMeter within the reach of JavaScript developers and users. Whether they are manufacturers interested in securing JS-based server applications that run their business operations, or desktop application developers looking for simpler software licensing and protection, CodeMeter is the perfect choice with its proven technology and commitment to cross-compatibility and universality that reflects the very principle of JavaScript of a technology that works anywhere: on servers or on-premise, stand-alone or in a Docker container, on a single computer or in a connected landscape.

AxProtector JavaScript can encrypt, protect, and authorize node.JS server applications and stand-alone Electron applications. Even without direct support for browser apps, this covers the entire backbone of the JavaScript world, including the server-side hidden machines that make the traditional user-oriented browser app work in the first place. The extensive automation features built into AxProtector make adding these protections easy and convenient. Without the need for many manual interventions or laborious cross-compilation, applications are encrypted in a single procedure or in a modular configuration method by method for further customization, and they remain encrypted until the exact moment they are needed. With minimal impact on performance, licenses, if any, are verified and protected JavaScript code is decrypted on the fly to allow the application to run or activate a protected feature separately.

Ruediger Kuegler, VP Sales and Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, sees similarities in the thinking behind JavaScript and CodeMeter: “For Wibu-Systems and the makers of JavaScript, it’s all about openness: we don’t want our technology to be limited by the artificial boundaries between platforms, technologies or real hardware. We want everything to work, safely and reliably in the preferred ecosystem or infrastructure, now and in the future. This is what we mean by true compatibility.

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