Clarity DAO Incubator Proposal to Lower Cardano’s High Technical Barrier of Entry

Clarity is a Dapp-enabled protocol that allows anyone to create, manage, and govern any type of organization on the Cardano Blockchain. Clarity’s goal is to provide the Cardano ecosystem with a reliable, simple, and cost-effective way to create, manage, and govern Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Like many other blockchains, Cardano faces several challenges such as congestion, parallel and concurrent smart contract behavior, Plutus Application Backend development, and developer availability. Clarity DAO Incubator came up with different plans to address these challenges. For example, for congestion, Clarity will offer the most efficient smart contract approach possible for DAO setup, including the escrow and batching systems needed to ensure a positive user experience even in the face of congestion. chain.

Clarity seeks to provide a DAO Incubator Program to existing Cardano communities. The platform has a suite of primitive CAD tooling products that they will provide access to. Some of them, including the NFT keystroke service and CC Bot, are already available, while others; Clarity protocol and escrow service is ongoing.

The Clarity protocol will be the first DAO on the Cardano blockchain whose goal is to act as a platform for organizations, entrepreneurs, communities, businesses and investors to operate in a transparent, efficient and user-friendly manner. Through its incubator, the Cardano community will have access to primitive DAO tools.

The plan is to have the protocol ready in 6-12 months. Once ready, it will be possible for the community to create and manage DAOs without writing code, establish governance rules and run on-chain votes, manage treasury funds and contribute to the library open source of Clarity smart contracts to earn rewards. Clarity wants to enable Cardano creators and communities to create new viable on-chain DAOs and also lower the barrier to entry for people to create, manage, and interact with DAOs.

The team consists of Logan Panchot and Justin Schreiner. Logan is a Stanford University alumnus and former American football player. He is the co-founder of Delete contracts. He has been a member of Project Catalyst since February 17, 2021. Logan has published five ideas so far, including Cardano Lobbying Think Tank, DAO smart contract temptation, sports industry smart contract, Compliant DAO infrastructure and American USDC think tank .

Justin is a University of Kansas alumnus with a degree in computer science and the co-founder of Clear Contracts. His technical skills include C++, Python, Ruby on Rails, Javascript among others. He too has been a member of Project Catalysts since February 17, 2021 and has posted two ideas; influencer marketing smart contract and open library of smart contracts.

Logan and Justin will be the point of contact for all incubator participants working directly with them to provide primitive DAO tools and gather feedback or ideas.

The team plans to rely on incubator members to collaborate, share ideas, form partnerships and work to move the project forward.

Clarity is requesting funding of $70,000. The amount will be allocated to the following tasks;

50,000 will also be distributed to participants in the incubation to continue their progress. Clarity plans to cap the incubator at 10 and strategically inject >=5,000 into each incubator participant. Therefore, $50,000 of this funding will be divided equally among incubator participants.

20,000 will be used for the development of iterations of the primitive CAD tool suite made by the internal team, team salaries and incubator-specific work such as: development of product iterations, incubator operations, incubator marketing and incubator recruitment.

DAOs continue to gain traction as their usefulness materializes across different industries and verticals. For this reason, it’s important that the next generation have access to the tools needed to get their DAOs off the ground. Clarity understands the high technical barrier to entry into the Cardano blockchain, which makes it difficult to create and manage DAOs. Therefore, creating an incubation program to bring initial DAOs onto Clarity’s DAO tools platform is an opportunity to lower the barrier to entry so that community members can create, manage and interact with DAOs.

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