Chrome 91 offers up to 23% faster performance thanks to its new JavaScript compiler


With the release of Chrome 91, Google’s browser development team took to the Chromium Blog to discuss improvements to its performance. As with the last handful of updates, especially Chrome 87’s speed and battery improvements, 91 has a few tricks up its sleeve to make everything a bit faster.

By implementing a new JavaScript compiler called Spark plug and short integrated calls, it saved over 17 years of CPU time for users every day! Sparkplug essentially bridges the gap between the need to start executing code quickly and its optimization for maximum performance. The short built-in calls mentioned above optimize where in memory the browser places the generated code to avoid indirect jumps when calling functions. Google provides an in-depth look at the technicalities of all of this on the V8 blog post. What you need to take away from this is that over time we should have less and less browser bloat, lag and freeze, especially on Windows where it was known in the past to be. a ram pig.


Other updates rolled out with Chrome 91 include the long-awaited freeze on tab groups (which works with tab groups collapse), the ability to mark PWAs for launch on startup, automatic loading of websites desktop on Android tablets and many technical and visual improvements which you can learn more about the Chrome Versions Blog.

Credit: 9to5Google

One particular visual enhancement that excites me is that of the form controls. While already available on the desktop for quite some time now, these changes are now showing up on Chrome for Android to improve consistency across devices. I am continually amazed at how developers are finding new ways to dramatically increase browser performance for users. Optimizing JavaScript processes is a great way to fix the problem, but it’s still an incredible feat nonetheless.


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