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What is the Internet made of? For those who don’t work in website or app development, the answer is probably “chat memes.” But none of this would be possible without JavaScript, a programming language used to create the first dynamic web pages over 25 years ago – and it dominates web development today.

JavaScript is used for building websites, but its versatility also means that the language is increasingly used for game development, artificial intelligence applications, and more. It is therefore a must for any budding programmer. Fortunately, JavaScipt is easy for anyone to dive into from scratch, and this process becomes even easier with an e-learning system like Learn to Code JavaScript 2021 Certification Bundle, which allows users to start creating within hours.

The introductory course helps everyone understand the basics of JavaScript. As you write your first programs, you will effortlessly learn complex functions and how to debug as you go. Before long you can move on to the really fun part: creating your own maze, math and puzzle games using JavaScript and tools like JS DOM.

As any coder knows, JavaScript alone can only get you so far. Several classes in the bundle will build on the early skills with an introduction to HTML5 and how its code works seamlessly with JavaScript. Using the two in tandem will create even more games and projects. Most importantly, you will walk away with certifications of completion that will grab the attention of potential employers.

The best part about all this training is the price: Right now, PCMag readers can literally name your price for the 54 hours of Learn to Code JavaScript 2021 Certification Bundle—Value of $ 1,791. Beat the medium bid and you’ll get all nine items, and even if you don’t, everyone will walk away with something.

Prices are subject to change.

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